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  1. I'm on my third Trophy. Started with an 18ftr then 20 and now have a 2005 2352HT. I have never had any problems with any of the Trophy boats. It does seem that 2005 and after have much improved. They are definitely worth the price. If you can find one that has been well maintained you won't be disappointed. Jim
  2. Shure hold Buff Magic. They have a great kit with polisher. I use it first thing in the spring then wax. Lats all year. JB
  3. I have a problem with my less than year old HB 958c DI and was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. The last two times out after about 30 to 45 minutes the GPS chart would keep rotating then it would stop and say No GPS FIX FOUND. I did a restore defaults with no help. After the first time I did a software updated and it seemed ok till I went out and again after 30 to 40 minutes the chart went goofy then no gps fix found. Also noticed that the data readings on the left kept flashing. Pulled the boat Saturday and today while in my back yard I turned it on with only the GPS reciever attached. Again after 30 minutes the chart kept rotating, ( boat sitting still attached to truck ) and GPS showed speed from 2mph to 11mph. Called HB Tech support and they walked me through several tests. They are sending me a new GPS receiver to try. I'm thinking it is the HB unit itself as it seems when it cools down it works then gets alittle warm and stops working. HB tech was great to work with. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and have you found a fix ? Thanks Jim
  4. I have four Big - Jon Captain Pack riggers and want to go to 12lb weights. Are these riggers rated to handle these ? Anyone using twelve pound weighys on these riggers ? Thanks Jim
  5. anyone running braid for their rigger cables ? if so what brand and strength ? I did a search but was not much help. Thanks Jim
  6. Do a search for Ranger fish nets. I have two of them and like them. Recently contacted them to replace a hoop which got broken and was very pleased with their quick response. They do not deal direct but their site can give you all their products and where to get them. Jim
  7. Just purchased and installed a Humminbird 958c DI. Bought it from Universalmaina.com. Nice site and very accommodating. $200 less than other sites I looked at. If it works as good as in the Simulator mode that will be awesome. Anyone using the 985 model and any comments. Switched from and older model Raymarine. Looked for the down imaging for walley fishing mostly. Boat will be ready this week and hoping to be on Lake Champlain next week. Jim
  8. Where is the video ????????????. I need a late winter FIX !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Beagles are awesome. My wife and I are on our third Beagle. He's what they call a pocket beagle and is only 12 lbs. We don't hunt them but they make great pets for the kids. The breeder we got ours from has a great line of hunting beagles with many champions. Do a search for Hocomock Swamp Beagles. I think that's their web site. Only problem they are in Massachusetts. You could alos do a search for Beagle rescue sites
  10. The thread won't open for me to mark. Any suggestions ? Jim
  11. I'm looking to add two wire line setups for next year. What brand wire would you recommed ? I have two set ups now with 30 lb 7 strand brown. Not sure what brand it is. I have been searching the web and I'm looking at either Mason line or AFW. Thanks Jim
  12. The Beagle ( DJ ) (short for Dorothy & Jim ) goes on every trip. He thinks it's his boat. He's what they call a pocket Beagle . Only 14 lbs and full grown. The Boss ( wife ) loves to fish as much as I do and usually out fishes me. Thanks to all for the nice replies. Can't wait till spring to startup again. Jim
  13. Wouldn't have all of this if it weren't for her.
  14. My name is Jim Bartus. I'm from Turners Falls, Massachusetts. ( Can't get here from there. ) I recently retired after 32 years as a Fire Fighter and Paramedic. My wife and I, along with our Beagle love to fish. Mostly fish on the CT River and Lake Champlain for Walleye,Salmon and Lakers. We do get out to Ontario the end of August for Kings. After many years and with help from sites like this I have my dream fishing rig all setup. ( well what I could afford ) 2005 Trophy 2352. Posted some pics in the photo gallery. Hoping next year to fish more of the big Lakes. Good fishing to all. Jim
  15. I e-mailed Moore and they told me they had developed the connector six years before I did. Funny thing they did not have it in 2005 when I bought my probe from them. It wouldn't be worth trying to patent it. I posted it on the internet so others could make their own and save money. I did recieve a lot of nice replies from others who are using it. Thanks for your replies. Jim
  16. I modified a Tru Trac Klincher to connect my coated cable to a Moore Sub Troll 900. I posted how to do it on another GL site and they ran it in their magazine. Some of you may have seen it and are using it. I posted it to help others who were having signal problems with their probes and it is easy enough to do yourself. It alows you to disconnect the probe whenever you need to. I have run this for five years now with no problems at depths even to 200 ft. Just replace the rivet in the klincher with a bolt and use a wire eye connector to the bolt. Circuit is complete with no bare wire. Moore now sells this with their probes. I should have pattened it!!!!!!!!!. here are a couple of pics. Jim
  17. 2005 Trophy 2352 4 Big Jon Capt pack riggers Moore Sub-Troll 900 Yamaha 20hp four stroke Navman VHF Raymarine A65 HD combo Jim
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