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  1. Like new and less than two years old. Sell for $375 each new.. In excellent condition. Will consider reasonable offers. Asking $600 to your door. Will ship and accept paypal. Thanks Matt
  2. I am in the market for a salmon boat and prefer a straight inboard but might end up w/ an outdrive.. Can I still run a three rigger spread w/ one rigger mounted over the outdrive?
  3. Boat is sold.. Tracker.. Hope to move up to a 25-28ft. Thanks
  4. Please go to the following link.. album contains 63 photos.. http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/det07/2008%20Lund%20Sport%20Angler%201800/ Always stored indoors! Call or text 810-841-6242 or email.. I check my email several times a day. Ask for Matt 2008 Lund Sport Angler 1800 60th Anniversary Edition $32,000 Boat and ALL Equipment/Electronics Purchased New Spring 2010 2008 115 HP Four Stroke w/ transom saver 2008 9.9 HP Four Stroke Pro Kicker - Rigged to fuel tank separately from main motor w/ throttle and steering at the helm Minn Kota Terrova / US2 (Universal Sonar / I-Pilot 80lb thrust 24 volt trolling motor w/ remote Minn Kota MK210 - 2 bank X 5 amps Factory Sony CD/MP3 player w/ 2 speakers (5) Factory vertical aft rod holders Bait cutting station Full Canvas package from the Factory (Bimini top, Side Curtains, Drop curtain and snap on trailering cover and snap on bow cover) Top of the line electronics - Garmin 740 Color Chartplotter 7" Screen & U.S Coastal maps- Furuno FCV-585 8.4" Color Dual Frequency Sonar w/ 600w Airmar P66 Transducer, ICOM M304 VHF Radio W/ 8ft Shakespeare antenna stainless steel ratchet mount & 6" traxstech track 4 Lund 60th anniversary pedestal seats (2) Interstate deep cycle trolling motor batteries &(1) interstate starting battery (2) Cannon Mag 10 High Speed Electric Downriggers (4) Traxstech all aluminum dipsy rod holders, dual downrigger rod holders, (4) tracks mounted using t-bolt mounts in the Lund track system (NO holes drilled) (2 x48" & 2x12"),, (2) traxstech downrigger swivel bases, Big Jon dual planer board mast w/ track and mount for the bow w/ 150' of 200# test traxstech color coded line Vinyl floor for easy clean up Bow live well (40" Long/ 18 Gallon) w/ (2) bait dip nets Galvanized fluke style anchor w/ chain & rope (4) boat bumpers w/ rope (4) New Life jackets and Throw cushion included & (2) Cabelas XPG Nylon life vests (Never Used) Orion Flare kit Includes...(1) 12-Gauge safety launcher, (4) 12-Gauge signal flares,(2) Handheld orange, smoke signal flares,(4) Sky Blazer handheld signal flares, (1) US Coast Guard approved whistle, (2) Air horns, First Aid kit & Storage Case Hull IPS™2 Integrated Power Strake™ Chine 82.5" Length 18'6" Beam 97" Transom 25" Approx Weight 1,460lbs Fuel 41-Gallon w/ Proplus reserve & Fuel selector valve Bilge Two high-capacity pumps - One auto/one manual Lighting Interior, livewell, and navigation Port Rod Storage w/(4) Tubes 10' 0" & Starboard Rod Storage w/(4) Tubes 9' 0" Extra Lund track brackets, Dock hook & Paddle Shoreland'r Trailer White Painted Frame Tongue Jack Swing Tongue Retractable Tie Downs LED Lights E-Coat Painted Wheels w/Radial Tires Full size spare Tire Bearing Buddies (extra bearing buddy included) Surge disc Brakes Trailer bearings packed with fresh grease Engine oil and lower unit oil changed at the end of last season w/ Mercury oil and filters.. Call or text 810-841-6242 Ask for Matt http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/det07/2008%20Lund%20Sport%20Angler%201800/
  5. Kevin, That is an awesome rig! IMO there is no better aluminum boat setup out there! Who made your arch? It looks like it folds down.. Call me crazy but I think I am going to have one built for my boat.
  6. I really like the "west coast" aluminum boats.. I plan to one day buy a bigger glass boat and didn't want to have an aluminum hardtop and glass hardtop..They do look sweet though!
  7. You nailed it.. I bought my 18 sport angler last year and am very happy with it.. My advise is buy the biggest you can afford (boat and motor). The sport angler is an excellent choice because of the amount of room in the back for trolling. If you bass and walleye fish more you may want to look at the pro v that has more room in the bow for casting.. Casey is exactly right though.. I can handline, vertical jig and troll in the same trip! However it is still an aluminum boat and doesn't handle the rough stuff like a big glass boat. I got the 115 4stroke and 9.9 kicker and the motor is super quiet and fuel efficient. The max hp is 175 and I wish a 175 verado was in my buget.. The 20' is the same width and depth but offers 2 more ft of trolling room. I got the full canvas with side and drop curtains.. I was able to mount all my traxstech gear without drilling holes using the t bolt mounts. I have no problem running rods for 4 guys.. Loaded w/ 4 guys and gear she takes a second to get up on plane but will hit close to 30mph. Has a 40 gallon fuel tank and vinyl floor w/ washdown system for easy clean up. I opted for 2 extra removeable seats instead of the side benches.
  8. I agree.. my wife has a hard time holding it up and has to use a tripod.. takes her a long time to get the bow setup and on target..I can't say that I would buy a youth crossbow though but I guess that is up to you. Depending on how big your boy is he most likely will not be able to cock it without the cocking aid.. Another benefit to the Excal bows is that you can use the cocking string to let the limbs down after the hunt.. No need to shoot the bow after each hunt!
  9. I have an Excalibur Equinox and really like it. Recurve limbs eliminate potential problems with cams/cables. Easy to work on in the field if necessary. Fast, durable, and light weight. The bow is awkward to carry and handle due the limbs sticking out on each side. I customized my quiver mount and added the sts silencer system which helps tame the noise. My wife killed a nice buck with it last year and I took a nice buck in Oklahoma with it. It will not replace my long bow or mathews but it is another tool that I can use if I want to..
  10. I ordered some of these directly from the mfg and didn't realize how big they really are. (2 1/4"). I know there are a few other threads out there about spin-n-glos but they really don't talk about which sizes to run.. Are these too big to put a treble on and run behind a dodger? I have heard that lakers will take a large bait.. What sizes are you running? 00,0,2,4??
  11. I have both but have not used the chamberlain. I hear that they release when pulling large attractors or when fished deep. They seem to be just the ticket for light biting fish..
  12. Don't worry it's not you! I ran from Port Huron to Lakeport State Park yesterday afternoon. Trolled around from 6-25fow and only managed one small king that I released in good condition (2pm-6pm). I talked to Zimmer at the boat launch and he said that he caught several kings there Sat and Sun.. A buddy of mine caught several kings north of Lexington by the high banks yesterday and this morning. I went this morning and made a few passes in front of Lexington and got blown off... Looks like the weekend is going to be pretty miserable. The weather is going to be similar to last year for the Spring Fling tournament. If it is coming from the SE it shouldn't be as rough but 25+ mph wind is not fun no matter what direction it's coming from. A friend and I went to the fisheries meeting last night in Port Huron and were reminded of how few kings are really left in Lake Huron. They said that 90% of the kings in the Lake are naturally reproduced fish from Canadian Tribs...
  13. Thank you for the report.. Sounds like there are more silver fish around. Had a very tough time last spring.. Only caught one king all spring out of Port Sanilac/Lexington. The brown trout is also a good sign!
  14. Thank you for the report. I almost went out today but couldn't get myself to go! Was it rough out there with that ENE Wind? What was the water clarity and temp? Matt
  15. How do guys catch them on Lake Michigan in deep water? (say 200+fow) Are the lakers suspended in that deep water or on the bottom?
  16. Awesome! Thank you so much for the report! Will be in Lex tomorrow morning.
  17. http://www.in-fisherman.com/content/depth-no-barrier-kings Well I probably wouldn't do it very often but according to this article it looks like it can be done...
  18. This spring was one of the WORST years in recent history for spring salmon fishing in southern lake Huron. The past few years have been excellent for kings and cohos so I really had high hopes for this spring as it could only get better right? WRONG. What a dissapointment! I was excited that lake trout season opened early this year too and even the lakers were few and far between out of Lexington. The spring fling salmon tournament out of Port Huron was won w/ six fish after two days of fishing! I beleive only 2-3 king salmon were weighed in two days of fishing! Most boats fished Canadian waters. Yes conditions were tough for sure but still many of the big boys made it out and fished and were coming back with very few silver fish to show for their efforts. Most of the days that I fished this spring the water clarity was unbeleiveable! I could see bottom easily in 40+ fow. I love fishing Lake Huron and I have more patience than most fisherman I know however that is the main problem. When I take new fishermen out trolling they get bored easily and want to come in because we aren't catching many fish. I went to Port Austin lake trout fishing this year a few different times expecting to catch easy limits of lake trout and couldn't even catch them. After you brag about the laker fishing to your buddies it's kinda embarrasing to drag them 2.5hrs up there catch one 12oz pink salmon! (yes it probably was my fault but I live too far away to really experiment with the fishing up there and I can't afford to drive up there and fish on my own) Also how do you expect them to purchase an "all species" license when they might only fish for salmon a few times a year and probably not catch very many in Lake Huron? For me it is easier to follow the fish like many charter captains do. I am not trying to bash Lake Huron because I would love for the salmon fishing to come back close to home but I fear those days are long gone. I predict that the steelhead, brown trout and atlantic salmon fishery may take off but the days of the king salmon are gone! We'll see. I admire you diehard Lake Huron guys and gals for sticking with it but it just isn't the same for me. I will be up in Frankfort in August fighting the crowds thinking about you. (or maybe Lake O for a 30lb+ king)
  19. hmm... that's a nice box of fish. Should put a disclaimer in your post **results not typical**.. I will drive the extra 45min and go to Lake Erie
  20. I stripped the center screw out of one of my clear magnum dipsys! Sounds like it is a common problem. I plan to glue the dipsy together on a 1.5 setting since the screw will no longer hold the two pieces together! Not very happy with the quality. The walker 124mm are not as heavy as the magnum divers are they?
  21. Want to know how many feet of 125lb wire will fit on my Cannon Mag 10's thinking about ordering 800-1000' for each. They come with 250ft of 150lb test and there is tons of room left on the spool.
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