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  1. Lost two last trip out.Bought two new 12lb Daneilsons.How do you keep them in the craddle?On my smaller boat I put two eye hooks and made a small bungi to put across them.Any other ideas are welcome.Did not mean to hyjack the thread.
  2. I have a Parker Tornado.My son is 10 also. Use a shooting stick. Mechanical broadhead is a must. I use 2 blade Rage. You will want to shoot one with it also. Expecially in the late season.
  3. Welcome to Michigan. Buy spawn tieing kit, K.O. wobbler, Kastmaster green glow spoon.I also like setting up rod with smelt. Spring you have more action. Save and cure any spawn you get. I have had good luck on walleye spawn in the spring. Ask the guys at Berrien Springs for tips,thats how I got hooked, and an older brother getting my fanny out of bed.Good luck.
  4. I have the sport pilot . It works well in 1-2 ft. In 3-4 ft. still need to go with the wind.It holds its course, and warns you when you go off your course. I could not tell you about other kinds as mine came with my current boat.
  5. Way to go Todd.You like the new rigg.It seems to be treating you well.Have not seen to many post during summer.PM me if you want to go out during week.
  6. Good report,it will heat up in next couple of weeks.The fishing that is.
  7. Thanks,I appretiate the suggestion.I will take look at both on my nexy day off.
  8. Have a 305 merc. lower unite. Start it up when I go to take off here a squel noise it goes away.But comes back after I shut down,and restart to take off.I hope this is not another bust out another thousand moment. Any help or suggestion would be appretiated.Thanks Curt.
  9. Yep. Talked over with the other guys. Our boats were square with the peir head . The other boat came from the side. They all agree the spot light probably saved us. Both boat rigged with 5ft stern front port and staboard light.
  10. Great report. Will be up there 21st -24th. Can not wait.
  11. Very informitive will be useing next time out . Thanks again. Curt.
  12. Way to go.Not the forum to ask but 1. When you run the dive bomb on your lead how much lead do you let out before putting it on? I bought acouple of those fogott about them till you mentioned them.Thanks in advance.
  13. I know what you mean,almost got hit buy a big boat 2 years ago. Still have nightmares about that. I thought at night it is suppose to be idle speed. Had a to shine the guy with million watt spot light.He missed us{ in a 15ft. boat} by 4ft. the wake gave both of us a ride. To this day I always have my Sterns vest on.Good point you make as we will be up there in a couple of weekends.
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