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  1. Took a shake down cruise this morning. Took a 14.5lb king, 130ft of water, 40ft down on rigger, carmel dolphin spoon. Beautiful morning to start the season.
  2. Headed out at 7am with 15 year old nephew that had never fished for salmon before. Also had a long time fishing buddy with me. Started in 100ft headed west. Best depth for marking fish was 140-155 ft. Waves were 2-3 that far out and nephew handled it like a champ. Ended up 3/3. 2 salmon, 1 laker. 85 down on rigger, blue dolphin spindoctor, 120ft down on rigger, mountain dew combo. Want to thank who ever disconnected my trailer lights from my truck. Buddy left running lights on thinking truck would turn them off automatically, they don't. Saved me from coming back to a dead battery. Thanks again.
  3. Was wondering if anyone has tried fishing late at night for salmon? If so how successfull have you been. Any special tactics you use?
  4. Solo trip this morning on the water at 8:30am. Started in 115 ft, 1st fish came at 135 ft on a slider on a rigger that was down 55ft, steelhead. 2nd fish came on a 2 color in 150ft, double orange crush, steelhead. 3rd fish came right after #2 was in the net on rigger down 55ft, lime green spoon, king. Number 4 came 7 color lead, christmas tree spoon, steelhead, 160ft. As I was pulling lines #5 hit on a slider on a rigger down 75 ft. Had to return that little guy as I already had 3 steelhead in the box. Ended up 5 for 5 with 4 steelhead, 1 king. Off the water at 11am. 2 to 4 ft rollers past 140ft with that east wind.
  5. Got on the water around 9:30 this morning. Tried around pier heads and in close 1st thing, nothing. Headed out to where I was the night before. Picked a small king up in 160ft of water on rigger with secret weapon rig. Nice steelhead came on a blue bubble spoon, full core in 160ft. Missed one on a 2 color, double orange crush spoon. 2 for 3 on a beautiful day on the water.
  6. Went out solo yesterday afternoon. Started in 120 and headed west. Marked alot of fish between 135-155. Took a 5lb steelhead and a 4lb brown, both came on a lime green spoon on a 1/2core, 150ft of water.
  7. Buddy and I headed out around 9am after checking webcams, 1-2ft. Started in 120ft. Trolled out to 155ft and back to 120ft. Ended up 6 for 8. 5 stealhead, 5-12lbs, 1 small king. Rigger down 75 & 60, 5 color, 7 color, full core, everything worked but the 3 color. Water temp was 57-58 surface. Wind kicked up around 11:30, 4-6ftrs, took us an hour to go 8 miles to get back in:eek: Thank goodness for Goretex.
  8. Went out solo this afternoon. Ended up 3 for 6. 2 nice steelhead, 1 small king. Full core with double orange crush took both steelies. Flasher/fly took king on rigger down 140ft. 190ft to 165ft was best.
  9. Friend and headed out about 8:30am. Started in 180ft, 1st fish came on rigger as I was letting it down with rod in my hand. That was sweet. Found a spot that was 2 degrees cooler than surrounding water. Stayed between 165 and 190. Ended up 8 for 11. 3 steelhead, largest 7.5lb, 1 laker went back, 5 kings, largest was 13lb silver beast. Beautifull day on the lake. All spoons, all had some orange on them. Full lead took 3, 5 color took 1, 2 color took 1, riggers, 115 and 65 down and sliders took the rest. Sucks only having one dock in.
  10. Headed out to 240ft to start about 2pm. Never marked a fish till 210ft. Took 1st fish on a slider with rigger down 95ft, 200 ft of water. Kept trolling east, most marks between 175-140ft. Took 2nd fish on rigger down 100ft, chartreuse fish catcher/fly in 145ft of water. Ended up in 125ft called it a day. Started flat and built to 2-3 by the time I left water at 6:30.
  11. Got out yesterday afternoon at 2:30. Ran to 235ft. Headed east and started marking fish. 1st fish came at 232ft, 90 down rigger, blue bubble flasher/fly. 2nd fish came in 220ft, same rigger\same setup. 3rd fish came on slider, rigger down 115ft. Lost that one. Last fish came 125ft, rigger on bottom, white flasher/fly, laker. Marked a lot of fish 235 to 200 then nothing till 140. Ended the day 3 for 4. Who knows where they will be after this wind blows.
  12. Buddy and I started out in 150ft this morning trolling west. Went out to 200ft and turned around. 1ft forcast turned to 1-3ftrs that far out. Trolled east and picked up first fish in 185 ft, rigger 100ft down on white flasher/fly, laker. 2nd fish came in 175 ft, slider on rigger that was down 125ft, green dolphin spoon. 3rd fish came on wire dipsey 150ft out, orange flasher/fly, small coho. Continued in to 140ft turned around back out to 190ft nothing. Trolling back in at 180ft slider on rigger down 100ft takes another fish, lake trout. Called it a day. All fish came on east troll into the wind. Marked most fish 165 to 185 foot.
  13. Went out last night to greeted with 2-4 ft rollers. Layed down as the night progressed. Night started out slow. Ended up 4/4. 125 to 140 is where we caught our fish. White fishcatcher/white fly took 2 fish. One on bottom one at 75 down. Moonshine flounder pounder on full lead took the other 2. Big fish of the night was 17lb. One of the kings had started turning dark. Ran J plugs, nothing. Nothing on dipsy.
  14. http://surfgrandhaven.com/ Grand Haven State Park Water Temperature The water temperature is 52 degrees as measured at the Grand Haven City Beach at 9 am on Thursday October 2 .
  15. Got on the water about 8am, solo. Man did the forcasters get this one wrong:angry2:. NW wind with 2-4 footers with an ocassional 5-6' roller thrown in:eek:. Planned on going out to 200' but only went out to 135'. Turned around and started trolling in. Got one rigger down with a Pro E white flasher with hyponist fly, 85' down. Started to set other rigger when 1st one went off, 10lb king. Finished setting 2nd rigger. Set first rigger up and the other rigger goes in 130', 11" white spindoctor hyponist, yeilds a 6lb king. Trolled in to 60' without another bump. Off the water by 11am.
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