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  1. Check out Fish On Sports. http://www.fishonsports.com/
  2. I just checked there web site and the tree that they have is on the front page and they are adjustable. http://www.fishonsports.com
  3. Fish on Sports will be at the Grand Rapids Show at the end of the month. Then you can check out the product and ask questions if you want. He some great stuff.
  4. You might want to check out fish On sports. http://www.fishonsports.com/
  5. I stopped in at the shop and talked to James and looked at his work. For the price all the products looked good. From talking to him he will work with people to give them what they want. I don't know how the paint hold up but it did look good. When I get a arch he will be the one that I will go to.
  6. You might checkout Poliglow. I have had great results with it.
  7. Fog is bad news for everyone. In Manistee we had a boat that hit the breakwall and one man is dead. The boat is on the bottom. If you want to read about it ckeck out the LudingtonDailyNew.com
  8. I got the name from a customer on a charter boat a couple of years ago. I first mate on a couple of charters.
  9. Jon I was down there in Sept and had a great time fishing. You can check out a couple of travel site and find a great deal. My dad has a time share at Playa Granda and we got the charter there. We used Solmar Charter. We were down there for two weeks and we got 4 marlin, 1 sail and a lot of dorado. Had a lot of fun.
  10. Just signed up. Looks like a great site. I hope I can help. I am always looking for helpful information. I love to fish the big lake and this year I will be on the other side of the state. So Hi All
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