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  1. Yes I did get a nice fight from the King. Before I even began to get any line back the counter was at 395' starting from 90'. That was one of the heaviest kings, for the length of fish we have gotten in the last few years. I didn't measure the girth. We got kings in that weight range last year but they were 4-6" longer. That dude was a fatty. I wish I would have let dad have the rod for that fish, I know he would have enjoyed bringing that one in:D. But he was dealing with the boat duties, we were running on our knew kicker and he was having fun playing around with that. When the rod started hammering and I got the rod out, I was just hanging on for the ride. Got to love the scream-in drags:thumb: Hey!!!! how about them TIGERS and Justin Verlander? Gotta love the NO NO. Sorry Blue Jay fans but JV is my favorite Tiger along with Bosch. Good luck Guys, hoping to get back out maybe Monday. I got a whole 5 days between semesters, I start My summer classes on wednesday. working and full time student, is tough especially when I already graduated from college 20 years ago and I decided to try it again.
  2. Got a late start. Didn't get lines in the water until 8:40am, Mag dipsy went first about 9:15, 62 fow 90' line out on #2, with a CJ SUV BTI and a UV blue fly he makes, 16lbs king, real fat and ornery, got a laker on a blue dolphin mag spoon 70' down in 90' of water, had another rip on the same rig that we got the king but on a rigger in 85' of water down 65', was their until I handed Dad the rod and came unbuttoned felt like another KING by the head shakes I was feeling. Water temp 48-50. Straight out the pier heads. Nice day. Got some real nice fat steaks out of the KING. Good luck.
  3. Thanks again for the info guys, I did see the add in amagazine today. Already have the con troll king on the way though. waiting for it to show up and finish the project (spend more money, so I can burn less overseas gas) Know I got another ? how to steer? the guy at the marine dealer said it would steer by using the main outdrive as a rutter, what do you guys think? I think on real calm days probably would be OK, bot on 1-3 footers I don't thik I'll have good control. Getting a motor bracket to tye the main outdrive to the kicker will be tough, especially when the main needs to be raised up, other than the TR1 gold what would you guys recommend, the panther unit? or what else do you guys do when running on the kicker?:help:
  4. After getting the motor and mounting the motor I dug into what I could do. After looking at Troll-master's web site and co-troll king web site and my application, I'm sure I can get one to work. I called the gentleman back at Con-Troll King and explained to him what I was planning to do, and he felt I was right, he's sending me a kit with a few extra parts, to see if I can get it to work. Nice guy. I tried calling Troll-Master 4 times today and an e-mail with no response. I think I wound up with the better deal anyway. I don't know were you guys are seeing were Depth Raider is making a control unit, ChampionShip posted that earlier and I still don't find it on their web site or at Kell labs web site, but thanks for the info.
  5. I talked to the guy at con-Troll King and he said that they don't have an application for my kicker, I finally got an web address for Troll-Master which apparently was bought out by MarineTech, and they are not fully updated on their web site yet. But I put an email into them tonight about my application so I'm crossing my fingers. We picked the motor up tonight along with the heavy duty 16" Panther bracket that's rated up to 35HP (nice bracket and functions real well) and we mounted the bracket and motor, everything works good on the boat, so know its time to get some kind of controller hopefully. I am good with fabrication stuff (I use to drag race and I built our own cars from the ground up along with about 10 other cars the past 15 years of racing) along with being a mechanic for the past 23 years I have acquired good fab skills. Looking at my motor and the pictures they have on the web I got to believe there is a way to get one to work.
  6. Hey guys I picked up a used 9.9 Evinrude to use as a kicker on my 26' Islander, My freind that works on marine stuff says they are Suzuli power head and are great little motors, but I want a trttle controller and Controlking doesn't make one for my application and trollmaster doesn't list one either any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  7. :mad:Hey guys wondering if anybody has had any experience with the Vicious brand 20lbs mono, I usually run Trilene, but my local supplier was out of big spools of 20lbs mono in Trilene and had been getting more and more of Vicious brand. So I bought the Vicious instead. Tonight when I was spooling up 2 more copper set-ups and tying the copper to the mono, using the albright knot, I was getting a weak connection at the knot and it would break when I tested the knot, using my two hands not putting it on something to test. Was wondering if I was doing something wrong or its the new line? When I tied the Albright I'm putting 10 wraps around the copper, tried only 6, 8 with the same results. Does anybody have any input? Thanks!
  8. Also let them out slowly as KJ pluggin said, just get them started in the water and put the rod in the holder and let them creap out against the drag, or they will spin around themselves and they won't trip and are real fun to get back in when that time comes, especially when they are set on 3. Sometimes they will get hammered on the way out and that tells you your going to fast or the fish are higher than you think when there out away from the boat. I guess this was my third cent:D.
  9. I have not ran two divers on one side yet, I can but have not tried it yet, the way I can deploy them or what I would do is run a Mag as the low diver set on 1 or 1.5 and a Regular size (size #1 I believe) set on 3 as the high diver, or put a mag ring on the regular size I guess you could do also, by doing this your low diver goes on a sharper angle down and needs less line out to get to your desired depth as compared to the regular size diver, then the regular size diver needs more line out to get to the same depth but the angle is not as sharp as your low, should clear up your tangles. Personally I would set up more for 2 or three birds per side with lead core, Copper or torpedos before going with 4 divers, unless your getting a huge differance consistantly between birds and divers. Just my 2 cents worth.
  10. Line Dancin, I do have dreamweaver snubbers on the mags, I believe they are 12" clear, I forgot and left that out of my reply, What I ran into was the rod had not give left to it when the mags were pulling on them, the arch of the rod went from the tip to the handle, and no its not becuase I was pulling to fast as that time of year I was pulling meat rigs and keep the speed at the ball around 2.1 to 2.5 depending on what the fish want, the 50 lbs leaders that I do run now, would have probably helped, but not on the lost fish while trying to get rod out of the holder, problem went away when I switch back to the Braid diver rods that had a better backbone, just my experiance I guess, but I'm not to impressed with the Blue Diamonds.
  11. I got a pair of Blue Diamond roller rods last winter, with Diawa reels spoolled with a 1000' of wire, worked well with the regular size Divers, But when we switched out to the mag divers, started having allot of lost fish on hook-ups, and broken 30lbs mono leaders, and when I started looking closer and thiking about it the rods did not have enough backbone to pull the mags and with the direct connect to the fish was causing the problem, these rods were the 8'6" MH rods, went back to my 10'6" Diawa diver rods with the 50lbs power pro and the problem went away with the mags, I got about 3-5' more of depth with the wire verses the braid but was'nt worth loosing any more lures or Meat Rigs(ouch) If I get any more Wire set ups they will have a much stiffer backbone than the Blue Diamonds have, Just my 2cents worth.
  12. I got two wire diver set ups last winter, with the okumo diamond roller rods, with the mag dipsey there was not enough backbone to the rods and the fish were hitting the bait and coming un buttoned or braking the diver leads 30lbs mono, went back to my 10' 6" okuma diver rods with 50lbs power pro and brake offs and lost fish became less of a problem with the mag divers, I'm sure the wire got a little deeper but not that much more than the braid I have drug bottom in 90fow with 200' of line out, I know they say 3 to 1 ratio is a good rule of thumb but I seem to get more depth than most say they will get, I do run in the 2.0 to 2.4 speed at the ball thou. Becuase I run allot meat rigs on divers and riggers wich like to be pulled slower than spoons the majority of the time. The copper is great stuff, the most colors I have on any lead core set ups I got is 8, I run lead cores shallower with 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7and 8 if I want to run deeper than that I run, 150,175,200,225,250, and two 300 of 45lbs copper. If you buy wire diver setups make sure the rod has a good back bone.
  13. Hey guys I know its probably been discussed over and over but here it goes want to get and autopilot for the 26' Islander that I just replaced the steering system with a new cable and tilt rotary helm, was looking at the raymarine x5 sportpilot and the simrod at12 I think have heard good and bad from the dealers but wanted to here from the customers on what they have to say. The tr12 gold to run a kicker would be nice but at the new $28oo.00 price tag and a new 4 stroke kicker at $2500.00-$3600.00 is out of my price range. What would you guys do. My 8yr old can't quite handle it yet ha ha he just today brought a king in on a 10'6" diver rod by himself for the first time today, Its not bad when you have 3 that can drive, net and fight the fish but when there is only two and your going into the waves watch out.
  14. Went 6 for 10, blue bubble and matching fly on the rigger down 65' went twice, blue bubble and matching fly on mag diver out 110' went once, yellow flasher and a red two fly meat rig went once out 90', 6 color with a double glow j plug went once, 8 color with a green and white glow j plug went once lost that one, green frog ex glow with a matching meat rig went twice one lost, had two other drive buy releases on the frog meat rig one was false I think, best depth 75-90fow, water was 72deg up top low 50's down to 65' and the brake was at 72' at 46deg and 44-45deg at 90', hoping to get back out Sunday:D 1 13lbs 1 12lbs and the rest 7-9lbs all kings.
  15. I was having the same problem with loosing fish on the dipsey rods when I switched to the mags problem was the rod didn't have enough backbone and was to tight to the fish with not enough give to the rod switched to a longer rod with more backbone and problem gone. Just a thought! Nice report thou, Thank You! How close was the 2-4 bump predictions was it?
  16. Hotdog71 I've only ran a torpedo a few times this year and only when things are slow to try and get more in the water. Havn't tried enything but off of one of my braided diver rigs, seams to work and runs close to the range in the directions. I think I like the dipsey better to get depth and out to the side better thoe.
  17. set lines at 4:45 pm and fished til 9pm went 3 for 3 2 4-5lbs kings and 1 12-13lbs king. 1 came on diver on 3 out 190' with a green flasher and meat rig, 2 came on a torpedo down the chute, with a red flasher and meat rig, 3 the bigger fish came on a green and black flasher and meat rig down 48' on an out and down rigger. the bigger fish was in the 125fow and the other 2 were out in 170-185fow range. Marked fish but they seamed to be on bottom with there heads burried in the sand with a few up in the mid column range.
  18. But Last year we didn't do real well with lead, so I bought some copper set-ups and so far this year for the last 5 trips copper has been the best producer in the 30lbs and 45lbs 265' and 300' I wouldn't have bought the 30 lbs rigs if I new what I know now it would have been all 45lbs stuff but shorter lengthes.
  19. Went 10 for 13 riggers with meat rigs in green and red colors took fish any were from 40-65' down one of the rigger fish was a nice 17#king biggest fish for us so far in 2010 season. Dipseys 135-155' out took fish along with 300' copper meat rigs, and flsher flies in greens, reds, and blues. had three doubles lots of fun there as it was only my dad and I in the boat today. Started setting lines @ 8:30 am fished from 90' to 170' with the 90' to 130' took all the fish except one. West troll was best. 2.2-2.4 sog was the best. one of the flattest days on Lake Mi. I've ever seen. fun day:grin:
  20. Started setting lines down @8am Took 2 kings off riggers one at 35 down green/orange pro king, the other was a fixed slider at 35' down green dolphin, lost a good fish off chute rigger down 55' on a blue and silver j-plug quick release didn't do its job tried to get the ball up before we lost fish but come un-hooked in the process. was trying something new with releases and real quickly went back the the old #16 rubber bands with blacks style releases. about 9:45am 300' of 30# copper went screaming towards wisconsin, with a nother green/orange pro king spoon took awile but landed a 17# king, 3 color took 3 more fish with a blue dolphin mag, 5 color took a king with a caremel dolphin, most fish were from 35-15' that took intrest with the exception of the 17 pounder on the copper. had 2 other riggers go off with nobody home and the leads and copper had about 4 of the same result, seamed like they started biting real short from about 10:30 on, pulled lines at 2pm. Fished from 80-170' fow, with the 80-95' producing and 110-120' and 140-145' also getting action. 2nd time out in a row with no action on dipseys other than the port side took a seriuos wack on the first deployment at about 25' out on a slow feed to 80' out, had both dipseys all over the board trying to get them to fire. wound up 9 for 13-15 a couple of trips not sure. fun day except for the FOG.
  21. Went 9-12 all Kings nothing real big 6-9lbs. 3 on 275' 45lbs copper with a orange and green mag pro king 1 on 300' 30lbs copper blue dolphin mag. 5 on riggers 3 on the same pro king orange and green spoon any were from 70-95' down, 1 on a blue dolphin slider fixed @ 65 down, 1 on a superman #3 j-plug 85' down fished from 70-130' 0f water with the 70-90' showing the most fish tried to go deeper to see if we could get into some bigger fish with no takers, green dolphin also took hits on rigger but no solid hook-ups, on bump on a dipsey with a blue mirage pro king, with some other trips. last two trips dipseys were good but nothing today running them out anywere from 75-175' out, most fish were within the bottom 20' that we got to hit something. marked alot of fish and bait fish at mid column but I think they were to busy feisting on the bait to pay attention to out lures. one of the flattest days I' ve ever been on the big lake today. fun day.
  22. Went 16 for 19, 300' of 30lbs copper with the PK green and orange mag spoon took 5, 300' of 45lbs 0f copper took 2 and 1 lost probably the biggest fish or close to of the day with a mag blue dolphin spoon, wire dipsey on 3 out 85' took 2 with a mag blue dolphin also lost one fish, other side wire dipsey on 3 out 95' with a blue bubble SD with a matching fly took 3, and 4 on riggers 1 with mag green dolphin down 65' on a fixed slider, 1 down 35 green, white, and black spoon, 1 on a mag carmel dolphin down 65', 1 on a mag green dolphin down 50'. 3 lakers 1 @ 11lbs the rest were kings 5-8lbs with 1 @ 16lbs. bro in law, his freind, and a freind of mine from years ago were with me, lots of fun and laughs. And alot of catching up with with my freind that used to take me out on lake Mi. when I was a kid.
  23. Took my Dad, wife and 7yr old son out Sat we went 6 for 8. 2 on 300' of 30lbs copper with a orange and green pro king mag spoon, 2 0n 300' of 45lbs of copper with a mag blue dolphin and 2 on port side out and down down 50' with a black spoon with green dolphin tape. one laker 8-9lbs the rest kings 5-8lbs with one @ 11lbs.
  24. I always thought a shaker was a fish to small to trip a rigger or dipsey so we considered them shakers IE you see tha rod shake but the line does'nt release from the release. But hey I like Joes explanation to.
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