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  1. Yes always a good time on the water with fish hittin or not especially when with my dad. but of course better when hittin than not. Did find some sub par hooks today going thrue the stuff that fish came off on. Its my own fault for trying to hurry and not checking things close enough.
  2. went set 2 for 7 I know that sucks it happens. 1 steelie on a green frog mr on a rigger down 55' a herring theif on a leland puke mr down 65' rigger, 10lbs laker on a blue dolphin spoon on a wire diver on 3 out 125 on more lost on that rig two lost on the sister set up on the other side 125 out with a blue/chart spoon. on more lost on a shark torpedo out 225 with a blue flasher and blue fly. all the hits and misses came in the 120-135' range straight out.
  3. O and thanks for all the replies. Hope to be reporting soon as I can get out again. Also will be heading over to erie for a couple of days real soon we like to go over to turtle creek.
  4. I didn't get any pics of the fish, and there in the freezer now, the boat I will have pics of as soon as I get the camera set up with the computer got to figure it out.Need to get figured out asap because we are trying to sell our wellcraft that we used last year.
  5. Hey didn't see your messeges sorry I'm mew to the these message board stuff. Yes I have been out twice 4-11 and 4-19 went 0-1 on the 11th and 3-3 on the 19th hows your program doing? sorry for the late post.

  6. Went 3 for 3 with 2 small kings on a chart/green/orange spoon on a rigger 19 down 30 back. And a 11lbs steelhead on a meat rig and a dipsey on 3 back 48 not a bad trip for 3 hrs. 8:30am to 11:30am got a little choppy as we were going to come in. Anyways got some blood, and scales on the new to us 26' Islander that I got alot of blood, sweat and tears in it over the winter re-doing the wiring, Interior, riggers and rod holders plus alot of other very neglected things I won't mention. Had a good time with my father watching him battle that steelhead that jumped 2-3' out of the the water about 4 times. The boat floats doesn't leak runs like a top and catches fish:lol:
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