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  1. thats weird. a few years ago i hooked a king salmon that had the same probleme. skin looked saggy and should of weighed 5 more pounds then it did. fought like it was sick. so we drug it in. and meat was pure white and mushy.. im thinking a sick dying fish
  2. can you run a larger size dipsey without the rubber snubber? what exactly is its purpose anyways?
  3. hey i tried to call you but havent had any luck on catching you home. just a quick question. i need to get a new gps/fishfinder as a gift for my dad. you have any idea on what i should get. theres to many different brands and little things out there making it hard to choose.

  4. how do you like your scotty downriggers? ive been looking into purchasing a few
  5. alright thanks guys. im going out this saturday so we will see what happens with messing around with leader lengths.
  6. alright just getting back into the sport of big lake salmon fishing. what kind of leader should i run from the cannon ball. ive heard anything from 15 ft. to over 100 ft. and the last two times i went out 15 ft has not worked. so im guessing i need to try a longer lead??
  7. thanks for the help everyone. when it comes to this stuff there seems to be a thousand different options available and it gets overwhelming picking one. im pretty sure i have a good idea what i want now.
  8. so i was looking at the garmin gpsmap 431 color sonar gps. i think that loooks like a good unit. anyone have any experience with that model of the next size up?
  9. my dad just bout a new big lake boat and has an ancient old lowrance fish finder on it. my mom wants to get him a fishfinder/gps as a gift. shes left the choice of which model up to me.(im his teenage son) ive been doing my research and it looks like you cant go wrong with the hummingbird 700 models or the garmins. i did hear bad stuff about lowrance. any advice or help on making this choice would be great. my price range is up to 700. thank you.
  10. im buds with your son cam. tell him Derek says hi.

  11. dont feel bad. we went out at 6 30 and came in at 10 30. not one bite all morniing. were going out again this afternoon though. atleast you had some action !
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