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  1. Great Lakes Salmon and Trout has a lot of the set up info and groundwork. Keating on Kings is in depth. You should of seen him casting jigs in the Detroit River for the first hour though.....I thought " this is the only guy that is not going to catch a fish" :eek: He caught on quick after I landed 3 or 4 :grin: All teasing aside I re read my autographed copies of his books every year. Captain Dan Keating has taught me a TON on salmon fishing ! Which is pretty tough for a walleye guy :thumb: Get his books and read them alot !

  2. We got the last camping spot at Muskegon this weekend:) We brought my buddy Jason with us this time as he wanted to catch a big Tyee. We zipped down to the 11s in 65 Fow and started trolling North with a little west. We marked fish almost the whole pass. We ended up working out to 95 FOW in the 14's before we had a hook up on a 3 color Ace Hi Green Ladderback. I must not of checked the line because he broke off after towing the board a couple of times. A few minutes later the 4 color board went screaming WAY back! I handed this one off to Jason also. As he worked on that one the rigger down 60 with a Warrior Hot Glow Blueberry muffin pops. Kristina quickly lands a 7 pound coho. Jason is a 80 percent burn patient......it was a BATTLE to land his personal best King :thumb:jason22lbfirstdraft_zps199ee936.jpg His never give up attitude is very impressive. We worked back south in the 100- 105 area and picked up another coho on the 3 color ( which now had a green splatter Ace Hi on it) . Headed out Between the nets and get a screamer on a green fishcatcher/ hypmotist fly at 175 on 3 braid. I grabbed this rod and the fly leader broke before I could get him turned:( A couple minutes later a downrigger goes with some sort of glow Ace Hi 30 down 50 back. Kristina didn't want this one so Jason reeled in a high teens king.IMG_1801_zpsb2f9736e.jpg. We trolled out to about 130 caught a steely on the 5 color Ace High Blue splatter on the turn. We picked up a small king on the blueberry muffin 60 down on the way back through. Sunday the wind was blowing pretty good so we decided to troll the channel out to kill some time until we could see the waves. At the end of the there was a boat up on the rocks. Everyone else just went by them:confused: Most of the folks turned around at the pier heads anyway. We pulled our riggers and proceded to pull these guys off the rocks. Not before some guy in an 18 foot tiller boat come in between the boat on the rocks and us, about 20 feet away, in the dark, almost on plane in a no wake zone:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: IDIOT !!!! Anyway we got him off the rocks and made our way down to the weather buoy in 75 fow at 7 am and trolled North. Marking fish the whole way again we didn't take a hit until we turned to trough the waves in 82 fow. The green fishcatcher /fly goes zipping and guess who's turn it is ?krisfirst20lbsalmon_zps93fca330.jpg Kristina lands her first 20 pounder ( in 4 foot waves, troughing them:thumb: ) . A few minutes later the rigger at 60 with the Blueberry muffin goes and I landed a small king. We worked out to 95 and back in and south without another bump. Not one hit on an Ace high. All in all another great trip. Four perfect weekends in August may never happen again.

  3. And I'm going up to the U.P. with my Wife, and our 5th wheel camper, to Baraga where they won't hear us..... Know what I mean, I'm going to be so far from fishing, I won't even care....

    My dad has a place on Huron Bay near Lanse. He has been catching salmon and lakers everytime he goes out :thumb:

  4. Kristina and I could only find one available camping spot on Lake Michigan and it was in Holland . That made our port decision easy. We decided ,since we were there, to fish the league event Saturday. We set lines in 65 fow, lost one in 75 on a green fishcatcher/ Hypmotist fly at 125 on a 3, spun back to work that for nothing. Headed out pretty much straight out. In 100 FOW a 5 color with a blue splatter Ace Hi goes. Then a full with a green spatter Ace Hi. I was just about to get the board off of Kristina's and the rigger with a Warrior BlueBerry Muffin glow spoon at 60 feet goes:thumb: So (while letting the rigger fish just scream) we get both boards off and get a couple of high teen kings in. So with fish,line,rods,and nets everywhere I get to the rigger. As soon as I got the rod I knew that it was a nice one:taunt: The two us landed all three kings. Rigger fish was 21.6 lbs :cool:me21_edited-1_zps0b8161d8.jpg Too bad our hook up/ land ratio plummeted drastically after that:( We ended working out to 170 FOW landed one more on the full core and had 3 more decent fish hooked up on the BlueBerry muffin at 60. Ended up with only 4 to weigh, not enough for big fish and ended in 5th (I think). Sunday we set up in 65 ,trolled out to 123 with a swing and miss on the full core / Ace high. Turned North and had a screamer on the green fishcatcher/Hypmotist at 130. Ended up being a smaller salmon. Had the blueberry muffin go at 40 down and lost that one. Ended up working that area from 120 to 150. Going 6 for 10. The fishcatcher landed 3, Ace high full core 2 fish , 275 copper /ace Hi 1 fish, could not get the riggers going. 3 kings,2 coho and a steely.krissteelholland2013_zps6e33204b.jpg GREAT TRIP !

  5. Not sure the amount. Also figure in the enviroment and how smelling that smokey old thing is going to make you feel in the morning:) The new motors just start up like a car. No choking, restart, choke again...just turn the key and pull away. I would go Direct inject 2stroke or 4 stroke.

  6. woodard20lbking_zps2db82646.jpgWe needed a trip for some kings . Pulled into Muskegon Friday night and out by daybreak at Muskegon on Saturday. Not knowing net locations and all the boat traffic had us a little screwy in the morning. We worked from 85 FOW straight out to the hills, back to a little south in 100 fow .Then back to the North nets. We had some hits early, only landing two peanut kings, and missed 3 or 4. Marked a lot around the nets at the end of our trip. Downriggers 39 and 49 down were best ( for what it's worth) . We decided to go check out Whitehall for an afternoon troll. We have never been there so we went out about 4pm. Made a slow cruise to the Northwest to 205 FOW. We were the only boat out but were marking right away.All reports were saying 50 to 60 down ,so we set most stuff there. We picked up two peanuts on our first pass. Went back upwind for another pass. This time I couldn't take all the big marks down deeper and set up 75 and 85 with a fixed slider on the deep and free on the shallow rigger. We started getting some decent action. Caught a 20lber on dipsey,2 setting,green fishcatcher greenish fly at 170. A laker was landed on a 5 color, a peanut king on a fullcore. Most action was on the riggers. The Hot glow Warriors were working best for us ( especially green froggy). 2.3 MPH trolling south and 2.7 trolling North.Ended up 7 for 12 ,only 3 were nice sized fish.kristinasalmonglowfroggy_zpsbd1ad03c.jpg
  7. It depends on the time of year/weather. Right now there are fish East of West Sister 12mi out of Fenwicks in Ohio. There are some fish out of Monroe around the Sputnik 9 miles out. This time of year spoons or crawler harnesses work. You can cover more water with spoons but worms are more fun. Lots of junk fish around.

  8. We headed out Satuday morning from Wild Wings ( never again that is the steepest ramp in the world) . With good reports coming from L and A cans, we hoped to get in on some close to shore action. So did everyone else in Ohio:grin: We ended up marking a ton of fish down low at the A can, couldn't get anything going. Caught 2 on a bouncer, switched to spoons and picked up one right away ( so we wasted some more time) . At 2 o:clock ,I finally gave up on those fish( and the boat traffic:( ) We cruised over to the west side of the island, getting good high marks the whole way. Sent out our crawler program again. We finally ended up with some consistant action, repeatability, and were able to figure out somethings that worked. We ended up pulling 17 fish by 5:30. A long day for sure. We had our best luck on # 4 gold colorados (red and gold bead pattern was hottest but not critical) , at 1.0 mph, 1 ounce inlines 30 to 45 back.

  9. Friday was blowing so I did my chores, got out Saturday about 9am out of Sterling State Park, Monroe, Mi . After making a long pass to locate the action, we stayed on the biters and had our limit of really nice fish in about 2 hours (including one over 9 pounds). Best program was spinner/ crawlers at 1.3 mph, 15 and 20 feet back on 1 ounce. Sunday was flat again. We headed right back to the fish and they had not moved:grin: We worked all 6 hours for our 18 as young Trystan could not land the big ones. Memorial day brought us 3 foot waves heading directly at us, and a time limit of 11am. After a 45 minute boat ride we got right back into them landing 9 of 10 in two passes. Best leads were 25 back with a one ounce again. # 6 colorado's from Big Papa Sportfishing and Warrior Lures in anti-Freeze were hot. For more info and pics of lures and fish check out my blog at http://www.hotbitefishingcharters.com/lake-erie-walleye-report-5-25-through-5-27-2013/

  10. We did a lot of running around to find some active fish ( so I won't put the spot on here sorry) . After running all over the lake Friday we landed on our last spot and it was game on. We landed 14 in 3 hours with two being over ten pounds. Went right back in the morning on Saturday and started smoking them right off the bat:grin: Doubles ,triples, rods flying everywhere = I love mahem. There was one other boat in there and we were both crushing them, until our nets flagged in the armada of fools. Cutting us off and such, the boat pressure shut them off,so we had to move some. Deep husky jerks 25 to 40 back at 1- 1.2 mph. We caught 20 fish on Saturday11poundlakeeriewalleye2013_zpsb35e8a80.jpg

  11. I think that a lot of the difference is in thickness. DW and Moonshines are really thick , so you have to troll faster. Silver Streak and Warrior are medium thickness and catch fish great at all speeds ( I have caught salmon at 1.8 to 4 mph with both of these brands). Stingers are the thinnest and will catch fish really slow ( and the paint falls off). Some guys catch a ton on moonshine and DW but I can't ( I tend to troll slower most of the time). The thing is don't mix and match too much. you can run Streak and Warrior in the same spread and get them all working good. I would have a really hard time running stinger and moonshine in the same spread and get them all working at the same speed. NO YOU CAN"T GO OUT AND BUY CHEAP SPOONS :no:

  12. :( It is the same spoon. The VERY SLIGHT difference will not cause you to catch less fish ! If you don't like the WARRIOR spoon that you bought, I will buy it back from you and I will pay the shipping ( just shoot me a message). Fishlander has been out of business for about 5 years, the dies are not around anymore. Anything that I can do to make this situation right in for you ,just let me know. Like I said... I WILL BE GLAD TO BUY THE SPOON BACK AND ADD IT TO MY COLLECTION ( and I have hundreds of Warrior Lures :thumb: )
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