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  1. My insurance agent Bob Luellon http://worldwidemarineins.com encourages all of his customers to do this. Take a pic with a note: Ex. 100 spoons. Then zip the file and send it to his office. Bob only does marine insurance and does everything he can for his clients. The agent is your voice to the insurance company. If you don't have someone that will go out of their way for you when you need to make a claim ( unfortunatley I know) and to make sure that you have the correct coverage, call him! Just make sure that you are not short on time because he will explain everything:grin:

  2. My Dad has Cv 30 for dipsies , I have used them and they work well. I use cv45 for my leadcores and they work great. I really only salmon/steelhead fish 10-15 times a year though. If someone asks me which reels to buy I recommend convectors.

  3. Thanks guys! The fishing is still really hot. Half of me wants the lake to freeze so that we will still have water to launch boats in the spring and these guys will quit filleting all these monster walleye ( I only keep medium to small fish), the other half wants it to be like last winter so we can keep the boats out and troll up walleye until spring ( I am still looking for one over 13 lbs)

  4. I was up in Manistee for a wedding in June. I called them up the week before and told them what was up. Dropped the reels off, they had them done the next day:thumb: Four dipsey reels that work WAY nicer than they ever did. Plus I had a nice discussion on which reels are good and which to stay away from. Straight up good dudes .

  5. I really like the concept of the Down-East rod holder. What I don't like about them is the rod butt sticking into the boat. Might work on some boats or situations where the rod is near the transom, but not for me.

    I absolutely hate the rod butts sticking in the boat :mad: If you have a rod butt sticking in 1 foot on each side, you are really shrinking the width of your boat 2 feet. Nothing like a rod butt in your gut while running for a rigger rod. I like to have nothing in my way.:thumb:

  6. Are these guys the ones that get lures from companies one year, then go to another company the next ? I would never say that I was using something that I was not. Yes I do use the products of the people that I pro staff for. Yes I do wear there clothes and post reports of what works ( even if it is another brand):eek: I use the companies that support me 95 percent of the time where applicable so it happens that way. I am just trying to figure out what irritates people so that I don't do it. And always ask me for a catalog;)

  7. Fished the Fish Huron tourny this weekend (and got our ******es handed to us) .We got down there a day late. The only prefish day we had was rainy and 1-3s all day. We ran around looking for fish and found only one stupid enough to eat a double willowleaf setup 65 back on a #2 offshore tackle tadpole. With small craft advisories on Saturday they called a blow day. Sunday brought 1 to 3s with scattered hail storms and waterspouts ( we somehow avoided these but saw and heard of many). We were pretty much prefishing. Running until we marked good fish or bait and setting up on them. We never found the right fish and ended up with no fish. Some people caught fish (and lots of them). They are hitting spinners better than cranks still. There are really nice fish out there. With some luck there will be some stable weather and the lake will stay clear for the rest of the fall.

  8. Spent some time looking around Mi. waters again with nothing but one to show for it (still getting good reports from reliable sources but I can't find them :confused: ) So we shot over to where we have been fishing, Bouy 14 . We started picking at them slowly with lots on the screen. Wanting something more, we ran the ditch toward Toledo. We stopped 6 times along the way to # 26 with about 6 to show for that. Decided that we just needed to go make micro moves back at 14. We went back there and it was game on :D . It was how perching should be. We ended with over a hundred in the 7.5 to 10.5 inch range. Lots of nice 9 inchers. Warrior Lures perch rigs in red were my favorite .perch2012.jpg

  9. Went out and did a lot of searching today. I have been hearing good reports from Michigan waters. We left from Sterling State Park, started in front of the rocks = nothing, 1 and 2 bouys marked them but no bites, hit a couple of spots on the way to the Sputnik = Nada. Finally went to were I have been fishing the number 14 bouy between the Toledo light and McDonalds. Picked away at them for a couple hours and ended with 36 for 2 of us. Just enough for a samich:thumb:

  10. How do I teach the white bass to stay out of the area that the steelhead are in? If I tighten the tension on a Chamb release ,it won't release when a white bass gets on it. Just trying to tell people the way that I do it ( I also seem to catch a few,hear and there) . This is the way that works the best for ME while STEELHEAD fishing with downriggers in Lake Erie. I am not walleye fishing in this video( but I don't throw them back either). Also not throwing out my Chamberlands.Here is a 4 hour trip in Lake Erie UDrWP8QiEq8

  11. I have tried the Chamberlans and have caught a lot of fish on them. I have also lost a lot of fish on them. Someone said something that got me paying more attention. If the release is so light that a white perch can pop it. How well is that hook getting set 65 feet down with a 40-50 foot setback? There is no way to prove it though. Nothing against chamberlands , I just do it this way and I know that I have every chance of landing a steelhead that I can muster. That is why I fish "oldschool" I guess.

  12. I took mine with Capt. Mel Stackpoole. He is a great instructor! Made it very fun. He is out of the Algonac area,but does classes all over ( even different states) so you would have to check with him. It is a ten day class. I took mine in November and had my buds sending me pics of 10 and 12 lb walleyes all week:mad::mad: But when it was over, it was worth it .

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