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  1. This is my first day not on the water in awhile ( fished the last ten days in a row ). What a riot !!!! Between snow, wind,and all the boat pressure, we have been having a BLAST !!! This great fishery has been making me look good We have landed 259 walleye so far ( some really nice ones too). Thanks to all that have come out with me. I will try to get at least a couple of pics up later.


  2. I would always go group 31 if you can. Like Maniac said, buy two at the same time. I use the heck out of mine and can kill them on a windy day. With a good charger you shouldn't have to water them very often. Deka, Interstate,really only 3 manufacturers . I am not a huge fan of the blue tops

  3. I use a Luhr jenson file. I usually just make two swipes. Kind of hard to explain. If the treble hook tip is at 12 o:clock I make one light swipe up at 2 o:clock . Then one light swipe up at 10 o:clock. Sometimes it wont stick in your nail. You can tell it is sharp be sticking it in the meat of your thumb :no:

  4. With all the ice on the Michigan side of Lake Erie I knew a trip to Huron , Ohio was needed. I finally got all of my shopping and chores done by Saturday. The weather was going to be nice and most of my buddies reports were fantastic. Some of my crew bailed at the last minute. There were just two onboard for this trip, meaning only 4 rods to fish :( After an Ohio license debacle for my partner we got out just before 11 am. We set up about a mile upwind from a waypoint of a buddies from the day before. We were marking fish. I tried some different lures, depths, and speeds. Two passes and not a pull back:( My friends called me over too where they were ( only 1/4 mile away). We set up and had one in five minutes. Purple Easter egg Deep Husky 70 back at 1.1 mph. That lure fired 3 more times on that pass. I started putting out different colored Deep Huskies around the same depth. After a few more hits I figured out that they wanted the white base color at 70 back. Blue Phantom and Purple Easter Egg ( both Big Papa Custom colors) took most with a couple on Purpledescent.We ran out of light, but really had them going at the end. We finished with 11. Most guys are catching between 10 and 25 fish a day down there. I hope that the cold and wind go away so we can get back down for some more trolling .Aaronwalleyechartertrollinglakeeriedeephuskyjerk_zps9a3ca5ef.jpgDeephuskyjerklakeeriewalleyecharterskamera_zpsb65e4dcd.jpg

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