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  1. Got some info from jason Pelz and there was a hot bite going east. We trailers on down.by the time I got there everyone was headed to the buoy. So we were all by ourselves. We lost both big ones we had hooked up right at the boat (of course) pulled 25 today by 2 o'clock. Two ounce inlines 40 - 70 back. At 1.4 mph. Britney pox from warrior lures on almost every rod. Silver gold and copper back. #5 and 6 colorados.



  2. Worked a little harder for our 18 today. Big papa sportfishing's custom Colorado blades continue to be our top producers. Anti ape and grape ape (the monkey brothers?) Fished 45 to 50 back on one ounce inline. We are fishing the islands area in ohio.speed 1.1 to 1.3


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    Pulled our three man limit in one pass this morning. One ounce 40 to 50 back speed 1.3. Big papa anti ape and grape ape were hot. Also caught a few on Kelly's crusher


  3. I have been going out of the Turtle Creek area. Magees East campground. Lots of fish from West Sister to the islands. I have been trolling worm harnesses but most guys are pulling spoons or tots,warts, deep little rippers. You can go fish West Sister from Michigan it is just a farther ride. P.m me if you need some waypoints

  4. We had a couple of cancellations and schedule changes. So Hot Bite Charters is offering a special deal for any trip in between 25 and 29 of May. We will be trolling for walleye out of Sterling State Park, Monroe Mi. $300 bucks will get you out with up to 3 people. This is prime time for this area and should be GREAT fishing ! First come first served !! HotBiteCharter.com or 734 589 0039



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