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  1. I have a friend that would like to trade his 1997 15 hp for a 9.9 hp short shaft.As long as it is close to the same year.He lives in Cadillac,MI
  2. Glad we didn't come up Sun.We ended up up getting 20 miles from home and had a bearing buddy come off so we just went back home.
  3. Nice mess of fish maybe see you up there today. Not sure yet. I have to see what the crew wants to do.
  4. Well i got a leadcore set up today. I got a fullcore. Shakespeare Arsenal reel and a med.action blue diamond downrigger rod(I think),it is in the barn right now.Thanks for all of the advice but I had to buy what I could afford.I just hope the rod is not to lite.
  5. So now that i am interested what pound test of leadcore should I get?
  6. Well I rarely go any faster than 2.5mph. I am just not sure I want to have 100 yards of line behind the boat if I were to go with full core.Does leadcore catch that many fish that I am missing out if I don't get some?
  7. Thanks guys. Will full cores give me about 50 ft. depth?
  8. Now is Lowrance going to have to pay royalties on their side imaging.
  9. So if I went with half cores. What kind of depth can I expect?
  10. So it sounds like I need to decide on how much core I want to run.
  11. Well I am not sure how much leadcore I should run. Probably half or full core.Now can you put a full core on a reel and only let out what you need at that time. Like lets say half core one day 3 colors the next and full the day after.Rod doesn't matter I can get a downrigger rod for it.I am not sure on price yet just on the cheaper end.
  12. I was wondering what is a good reel and rod for leadcore. I need it to be on the cheaper side because funds are tight.
  13. Thanks for the info.If I do come up I might give you a call to see where the fish are at. I have fished there before so i do know a little bit about the area.
  14. If I were to come up there what size of spoons do I need? What kind of body baits are good?
  15. Thanks for the report. If I can get the boat ready for next weekend maybe I can get up there.
  16. Frank, that's what I am saying about the salmon fishing shows an a lot of the others. You just watch them reel in the fish and maybe tell you what they were using but not say how they did it.
  17. Mostly the ones about salmon fishing the great lakes.
  18. Don't you think all of these fishing shows should have more information on how they are actually fishing,not just show them catching fish.The techniques they are using and actually telling how they go about doing it a certain way.
  19. I just updated my 797 si and now when I go into the sim mode the fish arches are only half an arch. Also not sure what the update changed?
  20. Sorry I didn't get up there to fish with you.Maybe next year.
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