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  1. Fished a long time yesterday and only managed 2 lakers and a lamprey. had a release and the drag screamed then nothing grabbed the rod and brought in a lamprey hooked in the middle of its body. Did mark a lot of bait in 65 ft of water. Did not mark very many big fish anywhere we tried. There was no big fish around the bait. It was a long day for only 2 lakers.
  2. You said the fish were not biting. But 16 fish in one trip is an awesome trip in my book. We worked our butts off for 6 fish on Lake Huron on Sun. I have never caught more than 8 fish per trip anytime or anywhere. But good job though and tell Captain Craig hi from Fishwhisper the old Killin Time 2 boat.
  3. I think it is a little early for here to have a good tournament. Not many salmon around this time of year there.
  4. This is the first time I have fished Presque Isle in about 7 years because of the alewife die off.Went on Sun. evening and managed to get 3 kings a 3 keeper lake trout. Picked up one king early on leadcore over 90 something fow and one laker in the same depth and also on leadcore. Then nothing for a couple hours and then all heck broke loose just as the sun set in 65 fow. Got the last four fish 3 on riggers and one on dipsy. Would get one in and another rod would go and get that in and another rod would and so on. Then as fast as it started they were done. None of the salmon had any bait in their belly but one laker had a small goby. And the kings were 23",25"and 27" and really skinny.
  5. Any new reports for here would like to go there tomorrow.
  6. Finned ball. I just don't like pinch pad releases. And I really like what I have. I just don't want anymore connections on the wire than I need.
  7. I use one of those lipstick looking walker release. I this going to be a problem?
  8. 2 times yesterday when I brought up the rigger with the depth raider probe on it the line was twisted up the cable and was not able to release the rod. The first time it had a salmon on and it happened to get into one of the other rigger lines and release that one and had to bring the fish in with rigger and the tangled line. And when I bring it to the surface the probe spins bad as soon as it clears the surface. I am using a walker release just above the ball. Should I have the release above the probe? Any other suggestions?
  9. sherman, thanks that was a lot of writing. I have the old style. Is the directions on their website for the lite bite the same as the old style?
  10. I had a slide diver given to me and I am not sure how I rig it and fish with it. I already have dipsy rods to put it on with 30# mono.
  11. How in the heck can you tell the difference between a splake and a laker.
  12. Se if you can get your hands on a traverse bay tackle steelie rod in the 9 foot or 8 and a half. And I would use the lightest line you feel comfortable with using. I use 6 pound when surf fishing with spawn.
  13. Well it looks like I might be coming up there soon. But that morning fishing isn't for me. I would rather try it in the late afternoon.
  14. Well I got one from cabelas and I am going to try it today.I got it for $154. It is the 6x6.I tried the ice anchors and I didn't think there were much of a problem. The only thing I would worry about them was when it got a little warm in the spring or just the sun on them. I think they might melt into the ice or out of it. We will just have to see. I needed the extra room.
  15. I don't care for the pull over kind they are to heavy to be pulling through the snow.
  16. I was wondering if any has used them? And how do they hold up to the wind since there is no floor?I am looking at the Cabelas,frabill,eskimo and the shappells.How do the ice anchors work? Do you need to take a drill with you on the ice?
  17. Yes equal rights(but that will never happen). One of my friends dads said they should fish like they did years ago. Having to use birch bark canoes none of these diesel engine boats.And they should have to put back what they take. Also they even have more hunting rights than we do. And we are paying for with our hunting and fishing license fees. They don't pay for nothing to hunt and fish.
  18. Bob, Fall a part? I caught one there yesterday and kept it. I had an Indian yesterday tell me he can't keep a foul hooked fish but if he releases one above the falls he can net it,spear it or just grab it with his hands.
  19. I have seen it all now. Last week I was salmon fishing in Petoskey and landed a nice hen full of eggs. So I let her go above the falls. I was yelled at by some other fishermen that there was an Indian with a spear. And as I turned around he speared the fish i just let go.This is so wrong. What is wrong with this country.
  20. There is a gas station/party store in Lewiston that has bait. It I think call the in between. It is located right on the corner of the road that goes in between east and west twin lakes.
  21. Thanks guys, it was fun on the second day. But the sleeping in the boat was not to fun. Everything in the cuddy was all wet when we woke up from condensation and rain. I even had a window cracked.
  22. We got 7 Pinks at the Soo on Sun and Mon. The water was muddy on Sun. so the fish wouldn't bite only got 1 pink and a nice walleye casting.Then on Mon. afternoon the water was clearer and we got 6. All the fish were caught behind the power plant casting spoons.
  23. You are right about the big boats on the smaller lakes. I only know of 2 lakes in the Gaylord area that has a no wake law after 7:00pm.
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