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  1. First off, is it hoarding if it is something that is needed to be successful? From trip to trip we don't know what the hot set up is going to be so we have the ability to change various pieces to make the set up more attractive. Secondly, I would guess that she has something that she "collects" like purses, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc. So I ask you sir, is this not also hoarding? Maybe it is she who has the problem. Maybe your lure collection is just your way of coping with her affliction. Turn the heat back on her to take the spotlight off you. Then go buy some more lures. Just remember...Moderation in everything...including moderation
  2. I've seen beagles run rabbits and sometimes deer and other trash, but that is the first beagle to run fish. Does the dog bark when you have a fish? :grin:
  3. Give Ryan at Calumet Marine a call (708) 862-2407. He can help you. Tell him how much you want to spend and he will give you some options. Good luck
  4. I have a couple 209's and I picked up one of those pre made 5 color spools with the backer, lead and leader (I was too lazy to learn to tie the knots ) and it fit just fine. I did have to "massage" the level wind slightly so the knots would fit through it. Good Luck
  5. I've got the I/O version of the Islander and it's old (1975). I had it out on an inland lake a week ago for the first time and after about 5 hours of drift fishing I pulled the plug and got about 1 gal of water out of it. I don't know if it was rain water stuck up in the bow that moved to the stern in travel or not because I put the plug in while it was in my driveway. It is going out again for a recheck ride to see if and where it leaks this weekend. Once I get this dealt with, maybe I can get on the big lakes before snow flies. Between work and other things I wonder why I bought the boat...but I know when I hear the scream of the reels for the first time it will be ok. Having said all this, I've been on other Islanders and Chieftans and I love them. They handle rough water good and are easy to trailer. In fact, when I decided to buy a "big boat" I specifically looked for one. If you do get a leaker most guys pull the deck up and coat the insides with Gluvit and that seems to seal it up good. Just my two cents worth.
  6. Give Ryan at Calumet Marine a shout. He will help you and get you a good price. Just tell him what you want to do and how much you want to spend. http://www.CalumetMarine.com (708) 862-2407
  7. Wow, the fish is as big as your daughter. Way to hook the kid when she is young. She will always remember those first fish.
  8. Dodge 1500 4x4 gasser. Has the small V8 (318). SHMBO (she who must be obeyed) pulled a tractor trailer out of a snow bank with the trailer brakes on the semi locked and dragging. That was good enough for me. Good Luck
  9. Actually, there are 2 different wires to your antenna (coax) but they are not seperate receive and transmit. One is a wire braid that acts as a shield and ground and the other (a copper wire surrounded by foam insulation) that transmits the electrical signal to the antenna. My guess would be that you probably have a bad (broken) wire in your mic cord. Try transmitting and wiggling the mic cord and see if that makes any difference or if you have a multi meter check all wires for continuity doing the wiggle test. You will probably find the break near where the cord exits the mic or the plug at the radio. If that is the case just cut it off paying attention to which color wire goes to which terminal and resolder. Good Luck
  10. Here's one you missed. WTF- Water the fish I find myself saying that frequently when something goes wrong:lol:
  11. Speed of the pump would likely be determined by the driven pulley size. From what I understand (which may not be much) some of the marine engines are not automotive based. My mercruiser is in that catagory. Otherwise, I would think that a pump is a pump as long as the bolt patterns and snout lengths are the same. Good Luck
  12. I bet if the guy tightened down the drag he could have landed it:D:D
  13. Check out Calumet Marine. They have a web site or call and talk to Ryan (708)862-2407. He was able to come up with a very good price on a gps chartplotter. They are near Chicago if that matters. Good Luck.
  14. I'm setting up a few lead core rigs for this year and was wondering what I need to look for in rods. I have a couple of medium action rigger rods but need a couple more. I'm not wanting to break the bank for the rods but would like something decent.
  15. Well it looks like my 209's are not going to work. Being basicly lazy, I picked up some pre-made half core and found that he level wind opening is too narrow for the knots on the lead to fit through. Looks like I am going to be in the market for a couple of reels.
  16. With the warm weather that we have had I've been thinking about setting up a couple leadcore rigs. I am going to start slow, with a full core and a half core. What reels do you guys use for lead? I have some old Penn 209's but I don't think they will work so I guess I will be breaking out the piggy bank.
  17. I'm deciding on the next piece of electronics for the boat. I found a deal on a Garmin GPSMap 535 for about the same money as the fish hawk. Ideally I could get both but I don't think that would fly at home. So which is the better choice? The GPS is a limited time deal if that matters. Thanks.
  18. Ok, it's 32 degrees out and I'm sitting here with a silly grin in my face after watching the video. Can anyone tell me why?? Come on spring.
  19. I'm thinking of picking up a GPS unit this spring. I already have a fish finder so I don't need a combo unit. I was wondering what you all suggest.
  20. Welcome to Illinois politics as usual. Remember, the president came from that fine state that brought us other fine politicians like Rod Blagoyavich (sp) and the Daly famly. It has been well known that the politicians from here are not the most honest. Besides, like they said federal agencies are WORKING to keep the carp out. They did not say anything about how successful they are (or not).
  21. If I don't have to work, sign me up. Being an old newbie, I can use all the help I can get.:grin:
  22. Some things are best left a mystery.:grin:
  23. Everyone seems to feel that a speed/temp probe is a good investment. Unfortunately, I do not have one. There is a bit of difference between the prices of the two. If you were to buy one or the other, which would it be and why? Is one significantly better than the other or are they about the same? This may be the next thing that my piggy bank gets broken for.
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