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  1. I posted this on UP Angler also, Drop me a note and hopefully I can help. I haven't done alot of fishing out from Naubinway in the summer. I do alot in the spring for steelhead. The DNR did a netting survey last September and found good amounts of walleye, perch, smallmouth and pike. They told me it was very comparable to when they survey Big Bay de Noc. There have been two main reasons why I haven't fished out of Naubinway alot. The first one is boat launch leaves alot to be desired. I have been working with the township the last two years to get maintenance dredging down so the launch is usuable. They are spending about $5,000 a year and that is barely keeping it usuable. By October it was less than a foot deep. They have a large DNR grant to get the entire marina and boat launched dredged plus to build some sort of breakwall to help prevent the sediment to begin with. The engineering is to take place this year. The actual dredging and construction is to take place next year. The main reason I do not salmon fish out of Naubinway is my sense of security. I would be the only boat out there! Except for maybe, a occasional commercial boat. I only got a sixteen footer. The prospect of breaking down 10 miles out in the lake with no help in the vicinity scares the bejeezus out of me. At least when I run 10 - 12 miles out from Manistique, there are always several boats in my general vicinity. And lots of radio chatter! This summer I do plan on fishing alot out of Naubinway. There are atleast two other guys that are going to be fishing and with gas prices the way they are, driving 6 miles is alot easier than 40. The boat launch should be dredged by the end of April. If it ever thaws! Drop me a pm when it gets closer to June and hopefully I can help.
  2. Checked the Launch today in Manistique. With some work I could launch this weekend but I think I am going to wait until next weekend!
  3. I think the iPilot was the best thing I ever bought for my boat. I use the auto pilot function all the time while trolling. I still use my main motor for power but set the iPilot to about four and then hit the auto pilot when setting lines or when I got a fish on. The thing is totally awesome. The spot lock also works great. I have used it in 25+ winds and according to the GPS it will keep me in a 15'-20' circle. When it is calm, it holds you within a couple of feet.
  4. I listed these on Ebay today. Starting bid is $300 with the bases. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250771553906&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  5. These are Cannon Unitroll 10 HP's. The booms are adjustable from 24'-53'. They come spooled with cable, ball hooks and ball retrievers. Hell, I will even throw in a 10lb pair of black gonads. I live in the thriving metropolis of downtown Engadine for pick up. I am going to be at the Flint Steelheaders show the first weekend of March. So I could deliver them there. Shipping is negotiable. $300 for the pair without swivel bases. Untitled by tokenfinn, on Flickr
  6. My best setup this year was a John King King Kobra BTI with a Mikes Eyeflies, Green Eye Alewife. This was dragged behind a green dipsy. Absolute stud! I bet this setup took around 50 fish for me! I will never be on the water without it! bti-eye by tokenfinn, on Flickr
  7. My daughter took this picture and did some of her Mac magic on it. Stuff like this will get me through the winter!
  8. :banana:Congratulations to Adam Rahilly of Rahilly Ford in Newberry on winning the Daybreak Charter trip this weekend at our fundraiser! The event was a huge success and we couldn't done it without the likes of Adam and John! Thanks again and I hope you have a great trip out from Manistique!
  9. No tickets, it is a silent auction bid. The fundraiser is this Saturday in Engadine, MI at the VFW Hall. 500lbs of hog and a bunch of beer, gonna be a great time!
  10. Last year Captain Skip Berry of Terminator Sport Fishing in Sheyboygan, WI was kind enough to donate a charter to Garfield Township Fire Department's annual fundraiser. This year Captain John Tomczyk of Daybreak Charters in Marquette has stepped up to the plate and donated a salmon trip out Manistique to help us complete our goal of a new set of Jaws of Life! I can't thank John enough for his generosity in donating this trip. Last year the charter trip was our third biggest money maker and the trip was over five hours away for the people bidding. With this years trip being in Manistique I suspect it will be the big ticket item of our event! I commend John in supporting our fire department and I am quite sure that someone will win a trip of there life! Kudos to John and Daybreak Charters!
  11. My best flasher/fly the past three years has been a John King King Kobra BTI with a BTI fly behind it. This year the same flasher and a green/glow Eyefly has been an absolute stud!
  12. Yesterday we had an awesome night aboard the Terminator III! Last fall Captain Skip Berry was kind enough to donate a charter to help Garfield Township Fire Department (in the Eastern Upper Peninsula) raise money for a new set of Jaws of Life. I was lucky enough to win the trip and take my wife and kids and my sister and her husband on the trip. All we can all say is WOW! My sister and her husband caught the biggest fish of there lives and we all had an experience that only Skip could provide! I can't imagine a better Captain for a charter and First Mate Ryan was a great coach and first class all the way! Thanks again Skip, and this definitely wont be our last charter with you! We are already making plans to have a new yearly tradition! I have been doing the salmon thing for four years now and I wish I would have booked a charter a long time ago. The information and techniques the Capt. Skip shared will go a long ways to helping me put more fish in the box. I know this isn't much of a report but Capt Skip deserves all of the kudos I can shower upon him. From donating the trip to providing an experience my family will share for a lifetime. Thanks again Skip!
  13. We were fishing the open water at the mouth of Big Spring Bay. Things have been slow, hopefully the warm weather forecasted for next week will pick things up! This snow sucks!
  14. I was out on Indian Lake by Manistique for some perch on Friday morning. Launched about 6:15 and was the 6th boat out. (Big Springs launch) The action was unbelievable for the next 2 hours. I don't think the minnow was in the water longer than 10 seconds before the next one was on! The overall size was smaller than last year but still decent. I think I was keeping about 1 out of 5. I ended up kepping 37 and 16 were bigger than ten inches. I was using a homemade perch rig with two hooks abour a foot apart and a small bell sinker underneath. Had lots of doubles on this rig. Smaller shiners worked better than the big ones. Things slowed up from 8:30 until 10:30 and then picked up again for the next hour. We left around noon and there was about 50 boats out. Fish were about 50/50 males/females with all of the bigger ones being female. It was the best perch fishing I have ever had!
  15. Launched out of Union Bay campground on Monday. Trolled to the Big Iron and back. Went three for seven. Two cohos and a king about 6lbs. Both coho were pretty small. Awesome day to be out though! All of the fish came in the warmer water in front of the rivers and right near the campground. Junior thunderstick in blue and silver got the most action.
  16. I have made a few posts but I haven't done a formal intro yet. My name is Cory Luoto (aka tokenfinn, one of the only finns in the town I live in, every UP town needs a Finlander!) I grew up in Ontonagon dredging lake trout out of Lake Superior with cue sticks and cow bells. I now live in Engadine and fish Lake Michigan out of Naubinway and Manistique. I am about the only one beside the commercial guys who fishes out of Naubinway. A friend of mine introduced me to salmon fishing out of Manistique 4 years ago and I am totally hooked! I still fish out of Ontonagon 12-20 times a year and still enjoy catching lakers. I now use riggers, dipsies and lead core though. No more cue sticks for me! I fish out of a Lund 1660 classic. I got it pretty well decked out for multi species fishing. Since I got it 4 yrs ago, I have made it out around a hundred times each year. I have been out twice so far this year. I look forward to getting to know you folks and hopefully can trade a trip or two with fellow member. Good Fishing!
  17. Been fishing out of Manistique since Friday. No trout or salmon to report. We trolled in the river and west of town in the lake. Landed three good size pike near the breakwalls. Trolled spoons, Rapalas and Hot n Tots. Felt great to be on the water! Lots of ice and crap in the river today. Water temp in the lake ranged from 34.5 to 37.5.
  18. Daybreak, do you run the lite bites on mono or braid?
  19. My boat is a 16 footer and I have 13 rod holders (6 each side and one chute). When I hit the water I always have 13 trolling rod setups, 4 spinning rods for walleye and 4 ultralight setups. I usually troll 6 rods but when there is three in the boat I can comfortable troll 9. I get grief from my wife all the time about the amount of crap that I have in the boat but I love it! She didn't have a clue what I had until I scheduled everything on our home owners insurance!
  20. This my brother inlaw and myself heading out for some late evening lakers out of Ontonagon.
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