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  1. I fished the Michigan tourneys for several years aboard a 31 Open w/ twin Cummings. We were able to make it work with trolling valves, but it required constant tweaking and it was almost like safe cracking... turn it 3 times around to the right then back a 1/4 turn or some such non-sense. It was always one engine and a bag to balance. It was a real headache, but in spite of it, the team took several firsts and generally placed well.
  2. http://www.ludingtondailynews.com/news/50874-offshore-classic-preliminary-winner-withdraws-after-protest
  3. Great job and good luck. Reminscent of the Manistee tourney a few years where some catches were weighed on a calibrated scales and some were weighed on a scale that was off by a couple pounds. It impacted first and second places in the Pro division.
  4. Got a late start, met my buddy who recently moved to West Olive, at the dock at 8:30 pm and got them going in short order. Ended up 6 for 6; mostly smallish; 8-10lb with a couple 12-13lb. Sunday we were ready at 5:30am, thinking we would pick up where we left off. Unfortunately it was looking a bit daunting w/ a solid 15 knot wind at his house and about a 2' chop w/ thunderstorms on the radar. About 630 we said what the heck and headed for the launch We dropped lines about 7:00 and went 8/10 with the same baits we used the previous evening, and had larger fish (10-17lb). Of the 14 landed 7 were on blueish flys behind a variety of blades (on riggers and divers), DW blue dolphin on 14 color went 3 times, a green Ace High went 4 times 50 down on a rigger and and the rest were just that.
  5. Set lines at 9:00 (took 1.5 hrs from Nunica in dense fog) in about 90' headed SW out to about 265' before heading SE toward some tight temp breaks off Port Sheldon. We pick at them until about 2:00 (never got to the temp breaks). 54 on the surface and not much difference down to 100' or so where the probe craps out. Speed was around 2.7. Ended up 10 for 13 or so. Steely Stomper on 3 color took 2 steelhead. Green fly/green blade combo took 2 kings on a wire mag diver back 270-290'. Another king came on same fly combination on a rigger down 65'. 4 lake trout were released so they can be netted and sold to your local restaurants and fish mongers. A beautiful/fun last day on the lake!
  6. FWIW, I've heard of braid compressing and breaking the plasitic wheels on one particular popular brand.
  7. Nice job Mike, sounds like you guys were busy. Are the results posted anywhere?
  8. Lots of room to fish in the skinny water as most of the pack was out 3-4 miles. It was just a bit too bumpy to take my 19' out. My son, his buddy and me managed to go 3/3 in the warm water; One silver, one bronze and a well kyped, hang belly dark one, all nice sized mature kings. All fish hit plugs, 2 on riggers and one on a braided diver w/ small ring set on 1 out 40. Fished 25-35 FOW. Got about 1 bite an hour (first one at about 10min). Pulled lines about a mile south of the piers around 9:30 when a boat just outside the pierheads radioed that it had lost power and needed a tow. He offered us some cash for our trouble, but I took asked him for a look in his tackle box and then asked for a wierd looking yellow Jplug that he had dupes of. Called it a day as conditions seemed to be deteriorating and the boys were quite satisfied.
  9. Not sure if you guys are hip to this, but it sure makes for some interesting viewing. Mostly atlantics with a few pinks. Click Here for live salmon cam
  10. Thanks guys! This place looks great! I can't believe I've not found it before.
  11. I'm in the same boat (pardon the pun). Small boat (19'), we last fished on Labor Day (first trip of the year for the little boat, most big water fishing is on a friends). We dropped lines about 6:30 and never had a hit until 10:30. Water was real warm, we went out to 130' and eventually got some action in about 90'. Stayed in there and ended up with 5; 1 adult king, 2 coho (1 over 11#) and 2 nice lake trout. Nice day though, very few boats after about 10 a.m. I'm heading over there too this weekend. According to the forcast it looks like it will be rough and the water will likely be warm in close, but this time of year there are always stragglers in there, they don't seem to worry about temp. I also plan to take some pier & river gear for a backup. Anyone know if Spring Lake is worth trolling for pike?
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