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  1. great job! sounds like an unforgettable eveing of catching, can't wait to see some pictures
  2. and he'd probably do a better job than job, all those crazy turns enticing fish bites!
  3. greasy chicken wing is a color pattern, gold middle black stripes on top, either orange tail or lower body, i dont remember. dreamweaver spin doctor and I know silver streak spoons make them, not sure about other spoon companys. After looking at some notes when kinds were plentiful in Lake Huron when they hit this spoon they also wanted michele phifer. 2 totally different color patterns but should have tried it this weekend. And if your wondering what a pink is they're small pain in the ass salmon that get to be about 1 pound. When they're around they can be on your lines and you don;t know most of the time. I am good at reading the boards and board rods to see if a pink is on or not. They also seem to to show up on a 2 year cycle. I thought they were always odd years but I've only been wrong one other time. I believe they were accidentally introdudced into the lake, someone else I am sure can confirm this. LSSU was experimenting with pinooks ( a cross between pinks and chinooks).
  4. awesome catch and awesome day on the water, going to plan that trip very soon.
  5. Had to excellent days to fish after the lake blew all week. With the can 2 can tournament moved back to this weekend and no fishing all week I thought it was going to be anybodys shot to win it. Most boats got out friday and after we trolled all morning in the tight dirty water and only pulling 2 lakers we decided to move out to deep water against my better judgement since it was westerly at 20-25kts. We made it out to 100f.o.w. and it in a short hour we were heading in at 1030 with our 15 fish. 7 lakers, 6pinks, 1 coho, and 1 steelie. Tournament day saturday went out to deep water again and boxed 26 fish, 10 lakers, 14 pinks, 1 king, and 1 steelie. 2 and 3 colors of lead with small stinger spoons in mixed veggie, clown, and blue dolphin we being checked all day. Dypsys at 1 and 3 setting worked well too. Our one king came on greasy chicken wing dreamweaver spin doctor and money puke g-fly back 70 on the 1 setting. we lost a decent king on the other side with a regular size greasy chicken wing. dreamweaver ss on 3 setting with mono worked well both day for trout and pinks. we also took our trout off the bottom with a brush watermelon dodger and similar colored spinny. We weighed in our 10 fish and came in 6th place with our 55+lbs and also weighed in the largest king at 10.2 lbs. Great tournament run by bennie. Looking for forward for a little break, then will fish the pro king tourney and then head it over to Lake Michigan and Erieau.
  6. sounds like an awesome night on the water, im watching 4-7ft rollin on the east side, will god show some mercy and let the lake calm down for one night please! Great job guys, a trip you'll for sure talk about for years to come
  7. In the last week one of my most productive setups as been a ss mived veggie spoon, mono dypsy setting at 3.5. and regular size black screwball on braid dypsy setting 1.5 on the same side of the boat. both dypsys with no rings.
  8. I just put a 36in traxstech on with a salty at the back a single in the middle and a quad tree at the front, wish I would have done it years ago, one of the best investments I've made. Just not the cheapest!
  9. was planning on heading over to Lake Michigan that weekend, but our local can 2 can tournament was cancelled and moved to the 15th otherwise I would have loved to try my luck on the other side of the mitten.
  10. Left the dock around 3:30pm and went agaisnt the grain and ran north 6 miles to Port Hope. Started in 20 f.o.w. and boy was the water clear, could see every rock to the bottom out to 40 f.o.w. Basically stayed 25 feet and in and worked south back to HB and took a 2 man limit of Lake Trout. 4 came on dypsy with a 3 setting 22 to 33 feet back. Orange and white spin doctor with a god and red fly and blue and whit spin doctor with a blue g-fly. The other 2 came on 2 colors of lead with wonderbread polish pirate. Lost a good fish on the down rigger 9 feet down with a purple dolphin 40 ft back. Water temp. was warm compared to what it has been 47-49 degree on the surface. All I have to report tonight.
  11. I have been wondering why they don't hang around for the past 3-4 years. Harbor Beach for example doesn't have the structure nor the baitfish to keep fish around for the year. I think fish keep going north up near alpena to the rogers city area. They seem to have more of a consistent summer than we do below the thumb. i think fish head east too, weather it be way out deep in the lake or all the way to the ontario shoreline. How often do you have someone go further than 10 miles out of Harbor Beach? Quite possibly never! I know that April and May and some of June is some good fishing on our shoreline. Not great, but good.
  12. Fished quite a bit today taking advantage of the nice weather. We went 9 for 15ish, boating 2 coho and 7 lake trout. I know of 2 other coho we lost by the way they hit and what they came on, and also lost a really nice 10#-12# king at the back of the boat. Came in green and got wrapped around other lines, and what more do I need to say, dissapointed! Stick baits were best, blue and silver, fire tiger, gold and black, orange tiger, all took fish. Water temp was 46-47 degree, water in the harbor is very dirty with all the dredging still going on. 25-30 f.o.w was best, straight out from south gap.
  13. Fortunalty I have the same boat, and am looking at buying the great lakes planers rocket launcher system, I was wondering on your vertical masts rod holders, assuming the ones you use for copper and lead, are they at a fixed angle or can you adjust that. you said you have berts rod holders as welll, how long of a track and how many rod holders do you have on the boat? very nice setup, will have to get a picture of mine on her soon.
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