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  1. When that fishing bug bites, we all get crazy and sometimes going solo is the only way to scrach that bite, hope you feel better and see you on the water soon. Dave @ K-2
  2. Best wishes for a fast recovery from all your friends @ K-2 Outfitters
  3. Good luck to all in 2013 from Dave and Warren @ K-2 Outfitters
  4. Frank, Saw you on the water that day and I got a welcome wave good luck from ya, nice job on the eyes, when you are asking for another regular fishing partner 3-4 days can you call me and discuss. It would be great to get some tips from the master. Dave Kuhl K-2 Outfitters 989 233 4829
  5. Nels, Great talking with you, and looking forward to helping in anyway I can. Dave @ K-2 Outfitters Frankenmuth Mich. E-Mail forthcoming.
  6. Frank, Alway great to read your fishing reports. Warren and Dave @ K-2
  7. Frank, Dad and I always enjoy seeing your updates, nice catches of fish. Fishing a tourament on the 27th out of Linwood Beach Marina, first time out of Lindwood side of Bay for us, in a tournament, any pointers? Is it worth the run to Augres. Dad and Dave of K-2
  8. If you get blown to the East side of the Bay, 5 miles- 0 degrees north of Quanacsee. 12' to 10' FOW its an easy limit of walleye with 1/4 oz Hot and Tots ( Blue/Silver, Purple and Green colors) nice 20" to 24" fish, but watch for the big catfish to sometimes grab. Hope Weather stays good for ya. Dave at K-2
  9. Great news to hear. But when will the public believe it. 2008 was one of our best years on the water, boating over 400 Walleye with our customers, yet 300+ fish were released due to customers stating " don't feel safe eating them". Always like to see released fish but not for that reason. The general public must continue to make demand for cleaner waters and not just settle for low percentages. Dave @ K-2
  10. Frank, Thanks for the tip, we fished Saturday out of Augres, went East to where several boats were in 40' FOW, caught 23, 2-12" to 14" and several 8" plus the rest too small, at least we got a meal out of it. I sure miss the days of 100 to 200 fish a day. At least the walleye season was great after boating some 400 walleys this season we won't starve this winter. Hope to see ya on the water sometime. Dave and Warren of K-2
  11. Looking to put some decent perch in the freezer before winter, any tips on where in the Saginaw Bay we can find them. Looking to go this weekend just after a morning duck hunt.: Dave @ K-2
  12. Two weeks ago fished Big Bay De Noc and caught some great perch in the Snail Shell Harbor( thats out side Fayette Gost Town and State Park), 30- 10" to 14" out of the 50 or so we caught. Did some Crawler Harness trolling in front of Snake Island, trolling North along the drop off and limited out in 2 hours, 8 walleye and two steel head. Silver and green blade was the best color. Perch were caught on reg rigs with shinners. Hope you have the same luck we had Dave at K-2
  13. Great reports, makes me wish it was winter already.
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