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  1. Mike,

    Here is what I'm running for triples on my gunnels. They ARE DEFINITELY going to the new boat with me.. I LOVE them and the dang things are bulletproof and a lifetime warranty!! You wouldn't be disappointed!


    I'm going to add triple trees ahead of them eventually (soon) on the new boat for my inline board rods. Those will most likely be the Traxstexch trees. They are also a GREAT product!!

  2. Well, Got the sea trial done yesterday afternoon and it's a done deal! I am the proud new owner of a fuel guzzler!! LMAO Love it! Everything went great.. Did not get the chance to mount anything, but hopefully I will be able to get some done this week before making the run from Grand Haven to Manistee. I'm stoked and so is the better half! As soon as I'm home I will get some "before" pics up and then progress pics..

    Thanks for all the advice guys! I appreciate it greatly!!

  3. Wow Ron!! Crazy!

    I sure hope the plug is in! The marina dropped it in the water Friday... LOL

    This isn't currently rigged for fishing. Was a family cruiser. But I was thinking, I cut the check this afternoon, about a 1/2 hour mounting Traxstech track, and I could at least be running dipseys and in line boards out of my triple rodholders... Evening bite?? LOL

    Mike.. I totally intend on putting it through its paces.. The lake is supposed to build to 2-4 ft this afternoon so I think it should be a good test..

    Thanks for the responses, guys! Heading to Grand Haven shortly...

  4. Ok fellas...

    Doing the sea trial on the "hopefully" new ride this afternoon.. What should I look for other than the obvious things? Obviously mechanical, trim tab operation, shift smooth, steering smooth, etc..

    Check all water pumps, AC/heat, head, all gauges and electronics..

    What am I missing? (It surveyed out good)

    This is on a Sea Ray 340 Express... Never owned straight inboards before...

    Thanks for the help

  5. Dave,

    I think Mark hit the nail on the head.. The only thing I can think of to add is to put a bead on your wire just above your swivel. Then make sure you crank the bead right to the tip when stowing your rods, keeping the wire tight. The bead protects the rod tip..

    Have fun! Nothing like feeling a headshake 100 yds out... They're awesome!!

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