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  1. I just want to give a HUGE thank you to Big Jon and their excellent customer service. I started having issues with my probe rigger to the point where I had to put my "emergency" handle on the spool and crank it up with "power assist". This is a 4 y/o Pro Tournament series and it wouldn't pull a 10 lb ball up let alone my normal 12 lb'r. I made a call to Big Jon on a Friday before a holiday and they told me to bring it up. They took it right in and in just a little over an hour, had it working flawlessly for me. I thought for sure I was going to be out my probe rigger for the weekend and possibly longer, but the folks there busted their tails for me and had me back on the water for the evening bite!!

    Thank you very much, Big Jon!!!!

  2. Stew,

    I was there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, too. Friday and Saturday morning, I had one Big Weenie meat rig that was producing VERY GOOD for us on a wire dipsey. It was the super UV blade with a white glow head and green superglow beads. I could not get another meat rig to fire. Saturday night and Sunday that one shut down, too, and spoons were the ticket. IMHO Gary (Big Weenie) makes the best meat rigs on the market and I have total confidence in them. But its all in what the fish want. Stick with them. They'll produce.

  3. Do that, Matt!! L-7 at Seng's... We're going to try to be up every weekend if at all possible. Denise has already arranged to take every Friday off so we can do three day weekends!

    I look forward to meeting you. By the way.. Was that you scrubbing down Killin Time last Sunday? If it was, we waved at each other.. LOL

  4. Thanks Matt! I hooked up with Jeff (Double K) this past weekend during Tight Lines for Troops.. He has a good set up and is bringing me a spare bracket to copy. I'll just have to change the angle a little since our transoms aren't the same.

    Thanks for all the kind words, fellas!!

  5. if your 3" wall has the room inside you might be able to do a gimble mount.


    otherwise buddy up to someone with a machine shop and custom build what you need.


    The gimbal mount won't work.. too thin.. Look at the pic showing the rigger and the transom door. See how thin/narrow the door is? That's how thin the whole transom is across the back. Just a hair over 3 inches. But I certainly appreciate the ideas, guys!! I'm thinking a custom mount is going to have to be the way to go.. I won't be able to stand having a 12 foot beam and not being able to run a chute rigger!! LOL

  6. Nice ray.....im jealous... on my 250da I replaced my teak with timber tech composite wood(no maintenance ) then the transom now has a 5.25" surface that track fits nicely on. It worked for me and may give you an idea.

    That's a thought, Andy, but the transom itself is only 3 inches thick.. Even if I went wider with the lumber, I think that there would still be too much flex and pressure on it. I don't know..

  7. Yeah Mark... It's only 3 inches wide... Just a little too narrow for the bolt pattern on the Traxstech track. I think it's designed that way because of the tuna door.. I'm gonna talk to Jeff from Traxstech and see if he has any ideas or if he can re-do a piece of track for me with a different bolt pattern that will work..

  8. Well, since I cannot get the gallery uploader to work for me I'm going to try it this way.

    Here is a couple of pic's of our new to us fishing machine.. A 1986 Sea Ray 340 Express. So far, we are loving her. She was virgin when we bought her. Never been fished. I'm slowly getting her rigged the way I want and should have it complete by the start of next season. The ONLY thing I have found to be an issue is that the transom is too thin to mount track to for a chute rigger.. Any ideas??



    Big Jon Tournament series with the Cisco Triples


    The helm (so far)


    The virginity has been taken!! :thumb:

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