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  1. Hey all,

    After having some life changing incidents over the past few months, I am selling off all of my trolling gear. Here is a not so all inclusive list of what I have. Unfortunately, this site doesn't seem to like photos from my phone, so I'm unable to post pics, but i will be more than willing to txt them to you of whatever you may be interested in..

    Custom made Traxstech 10 rod rocket launcher. It was cut by Jeff at Traxstech into (2) 5 rod launchers so it would fit on the radar arch on either side of the radar when I bought it from them last season. Like new. 400.00

    Two Cisco triple rod holders with bases to fit into Traxstech, Berts, etc. track. Fully adjustable and indexing. These carry a lifetime warranty from Cisco. Very good condition. 400.00 for the pair

    (2) three foot piece Bert's track (bright polish) with end caps 60.00 ea

    Two Okuma wire rod combos:

    (1) Blue Diamond BD-TR-862MH roller rod with a Convector CV45D 150.00

    (1) Blue Diamond BD-T-902M with a Convector CN30D 125.00

    Three Braid dipsy rod combos:

    (1) Daiwa Heartland HL-D962HS-G with a Convector CN30D 75.00

    (1) Okuma Classic Pro CPM-10M with a Convector CN30D 75.00

    (1) Daiwa Black Widow DW962-HC-D with a Daiwa Sealine SG27LC 100.00

    Leadcore Combos:

    (2) Okuma Classic Pro CP-LC-70 with a Classic Pro reel (8 color) 50.00 ea

    (1) Okuma Classic Pro CP-LC-70 with a Penn 340 GTI 150.00

    Downrigger Combos:

    (1) Okuma Classic Pro GLT CP-DR-802M with a Okuma Catalina 20 LC 150.00

    (1) Okuma Classic Pro GLT CP-DR-802M with a Okuma Magda Pro 30DX 60.00

    (1) Okuma Classic Pro 8'6" M with a Penn 320 GTI 100.00

    (1) Okuma Classic Pro CPDR-86M with a Convector 20L 50.00

    Additional Reels

    (2) Okuma Magda Pro MA30 DX 40.00 each

    (1) Special Mate Mag Spoon box with between 250-300 assorted spoons (Dreamweaver, Warrior, Fishlander, Silver Streak,Yeck, etc) including Magnums, Extended Glow and UV spoons 700.00

    (2) Great Lakes Mag Spoon Hanger boxes 15.00 ea

    There is More to come including flies, meat rigs, flashers, Spin Doctors, etc..

    Everything is in very good to excellent condition. Some spoons have never hit the water.

    If you're SERIOUSLY interested, PM me for my phone number.

    NO LOW BALL OFFERS. Don't waste either of our time. All equipment is in great shape and the prices are fair.

    Tight lines and full coolers

  2. Hi All,

    I have for sale my Cisco 8 tube rocket launcher. I removed this off my Trophy Hardtop prior to selling the boat and it wouldn't work on the new ride so it's looking for a new home. Other than a couple very minor scuffs, it is like brand new. It measures 50 3/4 inches long. Nice benefit to this unit is that the rod tubes screw off for easier storage, like shrink wrapping your boat. Solid machined aluminum construction and I have to say it's bulletproof.. EXCELLENT launcher.. I would have kept it but it didn't fit on my radar arch.

    New on Cisco's website it's $415.92

    I will let it go for $325.00 plus actual shipping to you or you can pick up. I'm in Six Lakes, MI.

    Look at the pics and see for yourself that this is quality equipment. No junk here.




  3. I've ran the same CV 30's for the last 10 seasons now. Still love them. Just ordered new drag kits from Tuna Tom to freshen them up for the coming season and have no intention of getting rid of them.

    One thing that you may want to consider for your rigger rods are linecounter reels. I switched to them and I am able to duplicate the set off the riggers and I totally belive that this is crutial on some days. Just a thought..

  4. Brian,

    The Depth Raider has worked flawlessly for me for the past 7 seasons. I cannot honestly say one bad word about it. I did break my cable losing my probe and a 13 lb Ridgeback Rattler this season and for a while considered switching to the FishHawk X4, but I just cannot justify it. The Raider has been that good to me. I will be switching to Torpedo's non coated cable and upgraded antenna. I have personally seen this combo produce consistent readings over 300 ft down and it sold me..

    Just my honest opinion

  5. Hey ya'll...

    2nd annual "Smoke Off" smoked salmon competition at Sengs Marina in Manistee tomorrow from 2pm-6pm.

    I'm competing.. If you're in the neighborhood, c'mon down!! It's free to eat/judge/vote and there will also be a live band and beer tent!

    47 Lake St Manistee

  6. Rick,

    Try to load your rigger rods tighter, lessening the bow from blowback. If your releases keep popping from it, try Chamberlain releases. They have dual adjustments on them letting you crank your rods down tight, yet have a realitively light setting for the fish to pop the release. I love em and won't ever go back to other style releases.

    Also, try keeping about a 10 foot depth separation between your riggers. This should help. Good luck

  7. Mike,

    I'm headed to Manistee tonight. I will try to get you one. If you would, PM me your cell # and I will txt you the pics since I won't have the puter and you KNOW what issues I'm having with posting pic's!! LMAO

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