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  1. Ron,

    Riverside Motel and Marina in Manistee is a great choice. It's close to the pierheads, has slips, and isn't priced out of this world. Insta Launch Campground/Marina has a decent tackle shop, too.. I will be in Manistee (barring any future issues) that following weekend and I'd be more than happy to help put you onto some fish. Just give me a shout on 68 or if you'd like, I will PM you my cell number.

    Best of luck with the new boat and your adventure!!

  2. Thanks for the hand and the nice words, Mike!! We'll definitely be in touch! So far we love her! Still a work in progress to get it completely rigged the way I want her, but at least she's fishable now.

    That's cool, Jeff! He called me last night and left me a voice mail.. We're playing phone tag. It was funny the way he cringed when we said we were going to be fishing with it. He said he wouldn't even let the wife or kids fish off the back of it. "That's what land is for" LMAO He said that he wanted to get a charter for the wife and kids this year and I told him I'd be more than happy to take them out after I got it all rigged.. We'll see if that happens.. I don't think he can take the blood on the deck!! LMAO

    I'm going to try to post a couple pics of her showing somewhat of the way she's rigged so far.. Nothing too special yet.. A pair of Big Jon Tournament series and a pair of Cisco triple holders all in Traxstech track for the quick change... Looking to add a pair of Traxstech trees..

    Now for my little dilema.. I have a Cisco 8 rod rocket launcher currently. It won't fit on the radar arch due to the radar. I am considering cutting it in half and mounting half on each side of the radar. Problem is, it's so high I will have to be on my tiptoes (I'm 6' 2") to barely reach the rods..

    Should I roll with this or should I find someone to fab me a custom underslung rocket launcher and sell the Cisco??

  3. Went 3 for 6 in the rain this morning. All kings. 14.2, 11.8, and 8.2 lbs on the handheld scale. 170-220 fow straight out with riggers 110 and 130 down.. Strictly a spoon bite this morning. Couldn't get a flasher and fly to go at all. Warrior UV Brittany was the hottest taking 3 rips 130 down. One boxed on a Warrior Mag Weasel on a 13 color LC (biggest fish). 2 rips on a PP Deeper diver set on 1 245 back with a Warrior UV Tequila Sunrise.

    All in all a good break in of the new boat. Didn't feel like getting beat up tonight but we're going to try it again in the morning.

  4. Went out for a very short trip Sunday evening just to check equipment and see how the new ride trolled. We were fishing blind due to a transducer issue but did manage to hook up on one fish. That came on a rigger 130 down with a Warrior Cop Car (I believe) super glow. A nice king about 10 lbs or so, that came unbuttoned at the back of the boat. Temp at the ball was a whopping 39 degrees. According to my chartplotter, I believe I was in about 150-175 fow right on the shelf as I was hitting some of my old waypoints..

  5. Yikes.

    We were in Holland' date=' well probably closer to Saugatuck/Douglas by the time we got done fishing. We did see the chopper overhead, but I don't recall hearing the call on the radio. We typically leave the radio on 68 and just keep it there. I think our radio is capable of scanning. May have to start using that feature.[/quote']


    When I took my captains class it was drummed into us that it is law that says that you will monitor channel 16 for emergency calls, if you have a vhf on board. Is this done? Not very much. Enforcable? Nope. I know I've been guilty of not doing it on many occasions, but will make the conscious effort to do it every trip out.

    I was at the gas dock at North Shore Marina in Grand Haven Saturday afternoon and heard about this incident from the attandant. She said that the CG had gone "Screaming out of the harbor" about a half hour earlier and that she heard the distress call on the radio.

    We all need to be more conscious about safety and look out for one another, especially early and late in the season. With very few boats out this time of year, you or I could be someone else's only chance of survival.. Keep a heads up and an ear tuned, my friends. I know I will.

  6. Well, the shakedown ride in our new to us 34 Sea Ray express from Grand Haven to Manistee went off great Saturday. I have to say I was plesantly surprised at the fuel economy that I had. I'm estimating that I burned about 75-80 gallons, cruising at 25 mph for the run.

    I did come up with one issue, that could end up being a costly one I'm afraid. Sunday evening after a short shakedown fishing trip, I discovered about a half cup of tranny fluid in the bilge under the port transmission. I have yet to figure out where it's coming from though, and looks like I'm going to need to have a mechanic look at it.

    The boat is 80% rigged.. We were fishing blind due to a transducer issue but did manage to hook up once in two hours, then losing a nice estimated 10 lb king right at the back of the boat. Still need to add more rod holders and get my rocket launcher modified to work on the radar arch. I'll post pics as soon as she's done.

    All in all we're VERY happy with the new boat and looking forward to being back on it this coming weekend! If you're in Manistee, give us a shout.. The current name of the boat is Knapptime... (soon to be changed.. LOL)

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