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  1. Ok..Apparently I cannot add a link to my post. West Marine has them. If you go into their Garmin FF section, on page two about half way down on the left side there is a 200 khz ducer that says "From $62.99" click on that and it brings up a list of transducers. The bronze dual freq through hull is about half way down the list. It says it is in stock right now. Once again, Good luck.


  2. I'm trying to avoid having a wire run over the gunnels or transom. Would like to keep it below deck. I don't see a duel beam (2 element) ducer which is bronze and through hull.

    Here's a link for a bronze dual beam. It's about half way down the page. $329.99. I used the transom mount with the Big Jon wire cover(?) Just drill the hole in the transom, run the wire through (I went into the engine compartment) then pop the cap over it and seal it in with 3M 5200. Works great, easy, and looks good too. Only wire visable is running down the transom to the transducer. Good luck and I hope this helps.


  3. ErdocDan,

    Another consideration is Garmin's 50/200 hz transom mount transducer. I am currently running this with a Garmin 2010 chartplotter and the GSD 20 black box fishfinder. I have run this for 4 seasons without an issue. Your current unit is dual beam capabile. I run both at the same time and you can differentiate weather the fish is off to the side or directly under you, just by the look of the hook. It is also capable of picking up the thermocline, once it's established. Very good equipment.

  4. Well, my current ride is a 22 ft Trophy hardtop which is a really great fishing platform. If there were anything I would change on it, it would be to get rid of the dog house and raise the hard top another 6 inches. I have a dent in my forehead and it gets deeper every season.

    With that said..My FIRST choice would definately be a Tiara Open in the 3100 or 3600...

  5. Off one corner or the other for us. I have an excellent wheel man (my wife) and we kind of let the fish dictate which corner it's coming to. But it's normally the side it hit on. If it's a rigger bite, that rigger comes up immediately. If not, a little slack goes into the rigger rod and it gets moved to a different rod holder. I use an old release as a net clip too. Works great.

  6. All right fella's... Here is the pic of the HOG that my wife brought in during that tournament. Kind of makes the others look little.. Denise was having one heck of a time just holding it for pic's!!


  7. Bill,

    I thought it was one of those combos. I bought three of them last year as well and I caught all of 1 fish with them (whiile prefishing for a tourney). Do you think the fact that I ran only 1 one, one time all summer, had anything to do with it? I'll have to try that one this year.


    That was the only combo I could get to go consistantly. BUT..The ?? Hammertime ?? Blade (Black/green) with Gary's Proctologist... THAT'S another story!!!! :grin:

  8. Thanks, guys. Yes, I consider myself very lucky. It's the same way with hunting. About the only thing she won't do is climb a tree. But she loves her pop up blind. That king was 20 and change if I remember correctly. I think that was one of the biggest fish of the season last year. In 2006, she...yes she... boated a HOG in a small tourney we were fishing and just missed a master angler by a couple of ounces by the time we got to a certified scale. It was over 28 lbs on my handheld but by the time we hit the scale, it was 26 lbs 9 oz.. I'll post a pic of that one when I get back on my own puter. That's the personal record for us..

    By the way.. It took big fish and we won the tournament. She's one heck of an angler!!

  9. Welcome aboard, Salmon Chaser!! I'm new here too!!

    If you have a photobucket account, it's easy to post pic's here. Just copy the img link below your pic's at photobucket then paste it here in your reply. If I didn't know how to do that, I wouldn't have a clue!!


  10. Thanks fellas!!! I'll be sure to do that. Thanks for the info Rich and Mike. That sounds like it's defintely a need to know. IF and thats a big IF..We get into a bigger boat, we will probably slip it in Manistee but keep the Trophy to trailer to other ports. Time will tell..

    Thanks again boys!!

  11. Thanks, Frank!! We currently fish out of a 22 ft Trophy Hardtop named Just Right. We absolutely love spending weekends on the boat and slip at the Municipal Marina in Manistee. It's the best port I've ever fished outside of Wittier, Alaska. Here's an older picture of the rig. The riggers have been upgraded to Big Jon Tournament series..



    I'll definately be in touch for info on Frankfort. Do they have a municipal marina with transient slips like Manistee?


  12. Caznik,

    It's great that she'll fish with me. She's as addicted as I am. As we speak, she is up my tail to buy a bigger boat... A MUCH bigger boat... Guess she wants more fishing (sleeping) room!! LOL


    That was actually a limited edition combo from Atommik. They had a photo contest sponsored by Atommik and Dreamweaver using these combo's.. Didn't win it. Guess I should have had her show a little more scale... :P:D


  13. Hey Mike!!

    Yep...That is the same weekend as the Offshore Classic, isn't it..Well bud, nothing is set in stone yet. It was great meeting and talking with you this weekend, too! We definately need to hook up and burn a drag or two this spring! No doubt about it! I'll be talking to you soon, bud!!


    Frankfort is definately on the hit list this year. ESPECIALLY if Manistee is loaded with nets again!! The more I fish the northern ports, the more I like them. I will definately make a trip or two there this season!!


  14. Hi Caznik!

    We primarily fish out of Manistee but if I bring the boat home, I can fish just about anywhere. Being in the middle of the state, it's a drive no matter how I look at it. (GAS PRICES SUCK!!) :mad: I've never fished Frankfort, but I'm really leaning on fishing the Benzy Frenzy this year. Before we started fishing Manistee, we primarily fished out of Muskegon. I'm very familiar with Fisherman's Landing. It just so happens that I was talking to another ?? member here ?? fisherman about your tournament this weekend at the sport show in GR. It sounds like a really good time. I'll definately have to check my calandar. If it works out, I'll be in!!

  15. All right fella's.. Here is a picture of "The Boss"... :D

    She always manages to catch the biggest, most, etc.. while I do all the work...

    Thank God she will not read this... I'd NEVER hear the end of it!!! :D


  16. Hi folks!!

    I just wanted to take a minute to say hi. We primarily fish out of Manistee but are known to hit some other ports, as well. I just found this forum and it looks really good! I'm looking forward to hanging out and sharing info as much as possible.

    Take care and hang in there, guys... It won't be long now!!


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