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  1. I use the simple double overhand knot.
  2. Let me know if you have one you want to sell, or know of one for sale. Thank you Scott
  3. hey scott, jeff again, just wondering how the canada trip went with micheal. Hope you guys had a great time and caught alot of fish. were heading out on marks boat on friday night with a bunch of guys from his work. small charter, hopefully we do well. give me a shout some time. do you plan on hunting up at steves this fall? if so i'll probably see you there.

  4. hey Scott, thanks again for the invite on monday, had a ball. any time you need a third wheel let me know. I will get steve some smoked fish on wednesday so he can bring some to work for you. I can only do about 15 pieces at a time. thanks again Jeff

  5. Thank-you Joe .. I cant wait for warmer weather so i can come pick it up..
  6. Fished south of the channel in 40-80 fow went 4 for 9....2 kings in the 12 lb range , a 8 lb steelhead and a 10 lb laker.. 3 color with a dreamweaver ss double orange crush took the steelhead and laker, rigger down 35' with lemon ice took 1 king and full core with stingray killer orange took the other king. Dipsys with spoons took 2 hits early and then were dead the rest of the morning we fished from 6:30 am till about noon.
  7. One of my best set ups last year was a metallic green dipsy,green spin Dr, and green fly. This set up took fish almost every time out.
  8. I've been wet to the ears a couple of times, It's not fun.. The first thing you do after getting out is get your keys out of your pocket before your pants freeze.
  9. scott w


    I got a 5 point opening morning at about 8:00, my 14 yearold shot his first deer monday morning at about 7:30 a 4 point.
  10. Went 5 for 5 this morning between 6:30- 8:30 4 kings and 1 laker, all kings were smaller fish the biggest about #8. All fish were caught between 130-145 fow, 3 on riggers 50'-80' down,and 2 on full core, best spoons were lemon ice,mixed veggies and killer yellow stingray. The weather chased us off the water at 10;00, we caught no fish after 8:30. scott.
  11. My son age 14 thought it was great.
  12. Fished from noon till 4:30 went 0-1. Lost a big brown at the back of the boat, the fish got hung up on the inside board and the flat line, don't ask me how, it's the worst tangle i've had in a long time. the fish hit a small coyote spoon in gold/orange, 100' behind the board with a 1/2 oz rubbercore 8' from spoon. I saw 1 other fish caught just outside the bubbler it appeared to be a steelhead. 1.8 -2.0 mph.
  13. I use a 1 oz keel/chain wt. 8' in front of harness. Its not an exact science but I use a 2-1 ratio, 2' of line = 1' of depth at 1 mph
  14. I have a lowrance x-15, And love it. I won't replace it till it pukes or i buy another boat.
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