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  • Birthday 10/21/1967

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    love to hunt, fish, family man with three children
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    Byron Center, G.R.
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    hunting, fishing, skiing, tubing, anything outdoors with family and friends
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    Self employed, handyman. can remodel or build almost anything, from framing to finish work

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  1. glad to have you, you'll love this site and meeting new people, names jeff hoffius out of port Sheldon on 21' sylvan named Catcha Later
  2. I have a friend that does taxidermy up in Newaygo, has done fish for my children and me and also deer, he is one of the best around and also a great family guy. His name is Ray Burrows and his # is 1-231-250-1679 Tell him Jeff Hoffius referred you, good luck
  3. Hi my name is Jeff Hoffius and I live in grand rapids and fish out of port Sheldon and grand haven. Im bringing my family up to Ludington this week for vacation and would like to know if the fishing has been any good at all up there and would like to know if you have any tips on what depths to fish at. Anything would be helpful at all.thank you

  4. hey scott, jeff again, just wondering how the canada trip went with micheal. Hope you guys had a great time and caught alot of fish. were heading out on marks boat on friday night with a bunch of guys from his work. small charter, hopefully we do well. give me a shout some time. do you plan on hunting up at steves this fall? if so i'll probably see you there.

  5. hey Scott, thanks again for the invite on monday, had a ball. any time you need a third wheel let me know. I will get steve some smoked fish on wednesday so he can bring some to work for you. I can only do about 15 pieces at a time. thanks again Jeff

  6. What's up dock? been out fishing lately? We've been shooting our bows on wednesdays over here if you don't have any plans next week.

  7. Hey too much sugar! how are you? this is shelby hoffius. your best friend! ( aka ) your cat lover! lol. have you been fishing lately? catch anything? me and my dad are going out to marks boat probably today. wish us luck[:

  8. me order boat no ride need to go fishing mo often. you cut down trees and then we go

  9. you order fish and no-pay-for

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