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  1. Fished from 7:00 am till about 10:00a.m. from 80' to 125'. We boated one smaller king and two lake trout that went right back in the water. We had at least eight knockoffs that broke the rubber bands but just couldn't hook them up. We only ran three rods and everything came off the two downriggers 80 down and 100 down. Sliders got hit the most, fixed 20' above the balls. After that we headed into 20' to fish for perch, (I've never fished perch on lake michigan) First two hours, nothing and we moved about every twenty minutes. Was about to call it a day and we stopped at one more spot and finally got into some 40fow. Caught about 30, kept about 16 with the biggest being 11". Not great but had a nice day out on the water.
  2. Jeff, I'll be out at about the same time, I'm floating in a blue/tan lund 16.5'. I have your number and will give you a call. Good luck.
  3. Nice job and thanks for the report. We are heading there tommorrow (never been out of that port) and we were going to do a little perch fishing plus some trolling for salmon. We'll post a report tommorrow night.
  4. I didn't go this morning but I'll be going with michael today, and tommorrow.

  5. I was really livin the dream yesterday down at the community pool. Just me the boys and about 15 hot women in bikini's. (And I mean hot!) Even saw a few cougars! Livin the dream.

  6. So for the third correction of my post we were 2-2. 100% catch rate, I'll take that. I'm guessing releases with nothing there could be a false release, but one of those three bounced a little so it was a fish, just didn't get the rod in hand before it was gone. Won't forget the rest of my tackle on the next trip.
  7. Guess I was a little tired still when I posted that, it was friday morning and 2 fish and three releases would equal 2 for 5. The king was a male and we weighed it so I'm not guessing, that was my best fish this year. Thanks guys.
  8. Fished out of GH instead of muskegon this morning. Got in the channel and started setting up and realized I left my boards, dipsy's and fishcatcher fly combos at home:( So we ran downriggers and 3color lead straight back. Took first fish, 18 pound king in 50fow on 3 color with j-plug. Then worked out ot 120'. Took one steelhead on same setup. Had three releases with nothing there so ended up 2 for 6. Sounded a little slow from radio chatter.
  9. Is anyone out there (muskegon, port sheldon, white lake) catching any kings as of late? It's been afwul quite on the reports lately? We are going out of muskegon tommorrow, just wondering if it's picked up a bit or not? I will report back tommorrow but with the lack of reports lately not expecting much. Hopefully this colder water in close brings some fish. Good luck.
  10. Went out of st joe sunday morning. Went 4for7. Three steelhead and nice 13 pound king. Lost another really nice king. First king came on moonshine spoon of rigger, lost king came on dipsy and mixed veggies spoon. Steelhead came on five colors core with orange spoon, 8-10 pounder. The two others were in the 3 to 5 pound range. Nice day on the water.
  11. Fished out of muskegon fri. night 7:30 till dark. Just after getting lines set in 50fow straight out board takes off with a deep diving firetiger husky. Big steelhead jumps twice and end up losing it shortly after. We ran six rods, two riggers, two dipsy's and one three color lead core plus our deep diving crank behind board. Downrigger with a magnum moonshine spoon took the first 10# king and then dipsy with J-plug took second 10# king. Had two other releases with nothing home. First time out this year and it sure was a nice night.
  12. Fished port sheldon with the great stillfish saturday. Dropped lines in 160 and before all rods were set had a steelhead on the free slider set at 118'. Lost fish at the boat. Headed towards GH and had 5 with nobody home. Finally picked up a small king 66' down off the ball in140'. Trolling in we hit a good fish on dipsy with firetiger jointed j-plug. Fish put up a good fight but we lost it at the boat too just as we were getting ready to net it. Probably 10-12 pounds. Oh well. Great day on the water.
  13. Paulywood, Were you fishing on the wrong side of the lake, camp grayling side? I've always had better luck over on the west boat launch out in twenty foot of water.
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