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  1. Had back to back pitiful evenings fishing.

    Thursday rolled around from 25-125 fow never really finding anything anywhere. Ended 1 for 1 but it was so small we through it back after bringing it in. Was caught in 30 fow on a Mongolian Beef 25 dn on a rigger. No bait to speak of and no fished marked except for a few in the shallow water, but couldn't get those to go.

    Friday wasn't much better fishing 85- 130 fow. Saw1 small bait pod and marked 1 fish. Trolled flies, spoons, plugs and couldn't get anything. Here's the silver lining- Just after 8:25, the 300 cu gets really heavy but doesn't take any drag. After fighting what seems to be a log I finally get head shake, so now I'm thinking a Laker. Almost to the leader and we spot a spoon on the cu from the 7 cl. After unhooking that we find a huge tangle with the 300 cu, 7 cl and the 5 cl. As I bring in the cu I find nothing attached to the spoon except for these other lines. So where's the fish? 7cl, nope took of the spoon off that to clean up the mess. Must be the 5 cl. So after hand lining 30ft of line I see movement at the back of the boat. A small fight and in the net it goes. Dad goes to take out the spoon and says "I don't remember putting that spoon on", and we proceed to undo the mess. All our lines are in but there is still a line in the water that is attached to the fish, so we bring it in. It turns out we caught a 300 cu that had hooked this fish. No one was around us when we hooked up, so we didn't snag someone's line. I guess I'm the winner of the Dumb Luck Award for the evening.

    BTW- It was 17#

    If this was your fish, sorry. :o But ID the spoon and I'll try to return it to you. I have the cu wrapped on a water bottle.

    Sorry my report isn't very helpful tonight.

    Keep Em' Tight

  2. Got a late start yesterday, not hitting the lake till 6:15 ish. Coming out the channel we saw two boats land fish, but it was pretty hectic inside so we moved to the mudline to set up. We headed west and trolled the deeper water to 120 fow. Really slow night night for us, 2-4 including one knock off. The lost fish was a shaker that came off at the back of the boat.

    Here's what worked for us:

    No See Um/ Mtn Dew SD, dipsy 125 bk, 1 for 1, #13 king

    Red head chrome j plug, 4 cl leadcore, 1 for 2, shaker and #17 king

    Mongolian beef, rigger dn 43, 0 for 1

    Cold water everywhere, bait was harder to find.

    Keep Em' Tight

  3. A little late on the report due to family wanting to do some fishing, but who can blame them. So here it is:

    7-9 AM Dad and I headed out to 75 fow and setup heading west. Started noticing that the volt gauge was dancing all over the place so I killed the nav lights as the sky brighten enough to see all the boats. As we are discussing how to go about the return trip the downrigger with a Big Weenie meat rig goes. 5 mins into the fight, the dipsy with an Oceana fly and white paddle goes. After 25 mins of fight both fish landed, an 18 and 20 lb King. Headed in to find the voltage issue. 2-2 Not bad considering.

    7-9 pm Voltage issue was a bad battery, so with a new one, I headed out with Mom and Dad around 5:30. Same setup as the morning trip, only better results. It started slowly but ended with very happy people. We fished east west trolls from 90 -125 fow. Here's what worked:

    250 copper- Key Lime fly/Frog Racer SD- 2 for 2 Kings #15 and #22 (a new record for me :thumb:)

    Dipsy 125 bk on 1.5- Oceana fly/White SD- 4 for 4, 3 Kings 1 Coho #18,#15,#2 and #12

    BW Meat rig off DR- 0 for 1, Knock off

    6 for 7 Great night!

    Great results being the first trip in 3 weeks and now I had an idea for when to take my cousins tomorrow.

    7-10 pm Took my cousins out for an evening trip. We started really slow. The pack of boats sat at 120 so we stopped short in 70 fow. When we finally made it out to 120 some of the boats had left making it a little less the combat fishing, but it was still close to it. Let the pack head north and we continued south almost to Rosy Mound. Fish only hit on south trolls. Late in the evening we moved into 95 fow with the same type of troll need to take fish. So here's what worked:

    Dipsy 150 bk on 1.5- No See Um/Mtn Dew SD 2 for 2, Coho and King #8 and #15

    Dipsy 125 bk on 1.5- Oceana/White SD 2 for 4, Coho and King #9 and #12

    10 cl leadcore- Atomic Melon Moonshine 1 for 1 King #8

    Great couple days on the lake! Good Luck

    Keep Em' Tight

  4. what is a free slider if you don't mind.

    Generally, a free slider is a section of line, 3-6ft long, that attaches to the line you're running from your downrigger rod. Snap swivels on both ends, one gets the spoon and the other clips onto your line, after your rigger rod is set, where it will work it's way down to the bow in your line and stay there sliding freely on the line. In MI they are an extra "freebie" line while in other states they count as a line in the water.

  5. I run it when the fleas come out. The stuff works great. I use a polymer knot and have never had any issues with it. I also use Blacks releases an there has never been any damage to the line. I bought a 300yd spool and split it between 2 reels to save a little dough.

    I got no fleas on me!

    Coldwater tackle, one of the companies that lists on here, has a good price on the line.

  6. I don't use singles on my spoons, but I do use tandem singles on my flies. You may try swapping out the hooks that come on the plug with a different brand. I have good luck with Gamakatsu and Owner. But keep in mind what Ken said, sometimes it doesn'y matter what hook you have- they will get off.

  7. Just got done with packaging tonight’s catch, so forgive me if it's not totally coherent. Set out lines at 5:30 and fished in 90-130 fow. Very little action while the wind was blowing hard from nnw. Picked after the wind slowed and the sun went down. Best water turned out to be 99- 128 on se or e troll. Ended the night at 9:45, 4-6. Landed a triple at the end of the night in 99 fow. Nice size fish tonight ranging from 7-17lbs.

    Here’s what worked for us:

    Siigs Brushed Stainless fly behind crome flasher, rigger 57 dn, 0-1

    Blue Dolphin, 300 copper 45#, 2-3 Both Kings

    Mongolian beef, rigger 60 dn, 1-1 King

    Kevorkian, Dipsy 150 bk, 1-1 King

    Fleas still bad as well as the flies.

    Keep Em’ Tight

  8. I fish Grand Haven and hear Holland, Port Sheldon, Muskegon, Whitehall, and on a clear night Manistee on 68. I'm sure others use there own frequencies or cell phones to contact friends when the fishing is hot. There is usually enough chatter to really get you confused if they don't mention what port they are fishing out of. Hope that helps.

  9. Fished from 6 to 9:50 last night. Covered 80 to 160 with 110 to 130 being the best. Ended 4-8, having two fish hit on riggers a take off for the dipsies and coppers and a steelhead jump about 4 ft out of the water to say thanks but no thanks. Fish we caught weren't huge but they did keep the skunk away. Lots of action from 8:20 to 9:30, having 7 of our 8 hits during that time. Trolling speed of 2mph at the ball and sw to ne in direction.

    Here's what worked for us:

    Siggs Brushed stainless behing crome blue flasher, rigger dn 50, 2-3 king and coho

    UV Blue Dolphin, 200 copper, 0-1

    NBK, dipsy 175 bk, 1-1 king

    BLL Screwball, 150 copper, 1-1 king

    Mongolian beef, rigger dn 60, 0-2

    Just a side note-

    Sea fleas were really bad last night. We had them piled up on the wire dipsies but slide all the way down to the dipsy, so there was no issues. The flea flicker line was once again awesome in not having a single flea on it whenever we need to reset after a fish or lure change. I know this sounds like a commercial, but you gotta try this stuff if you're having flea issues.

    Keep Em' Tight

  10. Let me start by saying, YES! finally a good night on the water. Headed out after the heavy rain with Mom and Dad, setup in 80 fow just north of the pier heads. Had 3 lines in the water when we took our first fish, and the hits just kept coming. We fish 80 to 100 fow trolling wnw and ese all night. Ended our trip 8 for 13 punctuated with a nice 15# King to end our evening. Pulled lines at 9:30.

    Here's what worked for us:

    Kevorkian on rigger, dn 50, 2-3 king and laker

    Mongolian beef on rigger, dn 43, 1-3 2 kings, lost nice king in wire diver

    NBK on wire dipsy 125 bk, 1-1 coho

    UV Blue Dolphin on wire dipsy 100 bk, 0-1 couldn't get the rod out of the holder :o

    BLL Screwball on 150 copper, 1-2, king

    UV Flounder Pounder on 300 45# copper, 2-2 king and coho

    Lemon Ice on 10 cl, 1-1, king

    Good Luck out there,

    Keep Em'Tight

  11. Fishing still slow.....

    Went out Friday and tried deep. Took one hit in 195 fow on 300 copper pulling a Siggs Brushed Stainless Fly with a crome blue sd, lost it half way in. at the end of the night trolled into 115 fow had a hit on a rigger 60 down pulling a Mongolian Beef, lost in at the back of the boat. Finally, cleared the skunk out at 114 fow with a 8lb coho on 7 color pulling a Lemon Ice. All hit were on a e or ne troll.

    Saturday, stayed in 60 to 120 fow running a similar program. Marked some bait and fish in good temperature. Took a 7 lb steelhead on the 7 color with a Lemon Ice and a 5 lb king on the Mongolian Beef off a downrigger 60 down. Fish were taken on sw and ne trolls.

    Still not a great day, but at least no black and white kitty in the box. :grin:

    Hopefully the June swoon is almost over. The freezer is looking kinda empty.

    Keep em' tight!

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