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  1. I was curious about the whole idea of the barter, so I contacted the MI DNR. Here is an excerpt from the email I received.

    "This would not be legal since it is considered to be a payment in another form. Therefore, I don’t recommend you trade fish caught on a sport fishing license to trade goods with another person."

    Just an FYI.

  2. Set lines at 5 hoping that the fishing would be as awesome as the weather. About a 1/2 hour into the trip, a rigger fired. It's gonna be a great trip :thumb: .... hook pulled, he's gone :mad: . Nothing for the next hour and a half. Then things picked up, but we couldn't keep those steelies on the lines. I will say their leaping is in mid-season form. Pulled lines at 9:30.

    Anyways, here's what worked for us:

    UV Gator on rigger 40 dn 2 for 4

    Freakin Veggie on full core 1 for 2

    Carmel Dolphin on rigger 55 dn 0 for 1

    Moonshine on dipsy set on 2 95 back 1 for 1

    E - W troll at 2.75 at the ball, 120-135 fow. All fish on an east troll were caught, west troll- all but one fish were lost. :confused: Go figure

    Good Luck out there.

    Keep Um' Tight

  3. Looking for 2 used bases for a Big Jon multi set rod holder. Another possibility is if someone could send me specs on the bolt pattern, I'll fabricate them. I don't want the ball cradle and truly could use the single over the dual.

    Here is the dual base I'm looking for: http://www.gloutdoors.com/rh10434.aspx

    Here is the single I would prefer: http://www.gloutdoors.com/rh11432.aspx

    I'm open to other ideas as well if you have any.

  4. This really doesn't answer your question but, I still use a reel with a levelwind for my coppers. The Tekota 700 or 800 and the Okuma 55L have no problems running the copper through them. They all have a much higher retrieve than the 309. I bought both of my copper reels used so I change the drags to Tuna Toms and they are awesome. The Okuma is the cheaper of the 3 reels. If you truly want a reel with no levelwind, they make the 55 without one, or you can remove the guide from them.

  5. So, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I need to do next year to make things both easier and more productive next season. I got to thinking about my wire setups. I run a wire dipsy on each side of the boat on 7ft rods with an 8-10ft lead. My problem is when bringing in a fish on the dipsy, the T-top on my boat gets in the way. We have tried handing with success, but it's still a pain. I like the rods and they fit well into my setup so I won't replace them. So I'm wondering about the slide divers and if they would be a viable option.

    Here are some of my questions:

    Can/should this be used with wire?

    Will the wire go through the diver or will I need to used a leader?

    Do they dive the same as a regular dipsy?

    Would a snubber be needed?

  6. Selling a few reels to make cash for some new setups.


    Okuma Classic - CL 300L, used, decent shape, solid reel. $30 obo


    Okuma Classic XT - CLX 450L, yard sale find, had clutch lever issue-repaired, looks new, I don't think it was ever spooled. $40 obo


    Okuma Catalina - CT25L- Spooled with 20lb mono and 1 color of lead, rarely used, excellent shape. $90 obo

    The 300 and the 25 have been mine for several years. They have been stored in reel case and maintained regularly. The 300 has been a backup for a couple years and the 25 had been used as a swr as a spring long line.

    I also have several spools for cn or cv 20's. According to Pauly at Tuna's, they should fit any okuma trolling reel, size 20. They would be great for spare spools or for multiple line types used on one reel. I don't have a 20 I can check them with. Make an offer.


  7. I have a few aluminum spools for an Okuma convector 20. They have the shaft and the clicker gear on them. Used for course, but in good condition. I was thinking they would make a nice spare to change line when fishing for different species of fish, swap out the 20lb line for 12lb without having to re-spool. Not sure if there is a need for that.


  8. We've had luck in the 120 area. Usually fishing evening to a little after sundown. Running flies off dipsies with a 10' lead behind the dipsy. 200, 250 and 300 copper have been producing lots of fish as well.1/2 hr before sundown we switch several lines to moonshine spoons. Oceana fly behind white SD, No See Em behind Mnt Dew SD, Mongolian beef, RV Flounder Pounder, Atomic melon have worked well.

    I can't get a bite on plugs or meat rigs personally, but those have worked for others in that time frame.

    We were 3/5 last night using that pattern. Losing a nice one to a breakoff after a tangle on the rigger and one knock off.

    Hope that helps some.

  9. Could be a bad connection from the probe to the wire or wire to antenna, but it sounds like you might have a bad probe. Check it at different depths to see if it will work. I bought a used setup and the probe didn't work right. Sent it in to Moor and they told me the speed sensor was fried.

    One other thing is to check the wheel and make sure it's in the correct direction.

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