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  1. I know while trolling we've all had "that boat" that just didn't get it. Maybe we were even "that boat".

    Who's in the right, who's wrong?

    Taken from Boat U.S. Article: 


    Fishing For A Right Of Way

    By Bob Adriance

    An angler with many lines out encounters another boat while trolling. What to do? It's simple. Real simple.

    photo of two men fishing from a Grady WhiteTwo men fish from a Grady White with multiple trolling lines out.

    If you browse a fishing forum, there's a good chance you'll read a post from someone who was trolling seven rods along with a pair of planer boards spanning 50 feet out from either side of their boat, and they're upset because other vessels, especially sailboats, didn't observe "the right of way" rules. In this case, everyone involved is wrong. Some anglers are convinced, because they're trolling all these lines 50-250 feet behind the boat, or using outriggers that can span 100 feet across their course, that this entitles them to a right-of-way status because there is less maneuverability. Yes, there is less ability to correct a course but no, there isn't any privilege to being the stand-on vessel. Another problem with this idea is the other vessel in a crossing situation probably isn't aware the angler is trolling. So, here's how to handle trolling lines:

    • Even though a boat has lines in the water and is underway, it has absolutely nothing to do with having the right of way over other vessels. In fact, the boat on starboard has the right of way when two vessels are crossing. The number of lines in the water has nothing to do with it.
    • If you're in a crossing situation with a boat that's trolling lines, slow down, let them pass, speed up and cross ahead of their direction without creating a large wake, or just put the engine in neutral and let them pass, allowing lines being pulled to clear your prop.
    • BoatUS Magazine electronics editor (and avid troller) Lenny Rudow suggests the following if a boat is about to pass over your lines while trolling: "If someone is about to cross over your lines, shift into neutral and allow your lures to sink, thus pulling your lines down and reducing the chance the other boat will snarl them. And if you have to shift into neutral to avoid running over someone else's lines, don't forget to reel in your own deep lines, so they don't fall to the bottom and become snagged." Rudow also notes that trolling depths vary from place to place; in the Great Lakes, they're in deeper water while on the ocean, they can be run along the surface.
    • A sailboat under sail and without engine power has the right of way over powerboats in its path. That said, sailors should be aware of boat traffic and, right of way or not, avoid creating a situation where contact with another vessel is possible. It's easier to tack than deal with insurance companies.
    • Similarly, if there is any concern you, or the other boat, may not have an understanding of the right-of-way rules, then the simple thing to do is make a big circle, allowing the boat in question (and its lines) to pass. Remember, the most important navigation rule is to avoid a collision with another boat at all costs. Time may be lost but both boats, and crew, will be safe. 
    • This article was published in Fall 2011 issue of Trailering Magazine.
  2. Headed out at for first trip this season. Ran out north of the pier-heads to 75 fow and headed SSW. Picked up a small laker in 103 fow. Turned N in 120 fow and took a nice coho in 124 fow.  Both fish were taken on a dipsy, set on 2, pulling an oceana fly behind a white spin doctor.  A little chilly on the water but not a bad night.

    Good luck out there.

    Keep Em' Tight!


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  3. Finally headed out to start the year. Set up in 70 fow with 40 degree water 50 dn. Action was not fast and furious and little to no bait seen on the locator. Ended our evening 2-3 with the best being 115-130 fow south of the piers. Only fished 5-9 pm. Things were just starting to pick up when we had to head in.

    Here's what worked for us-

    5 cl- with Craig's Christmas, #7 coho

    10 cl- with Melon, #13 King

    5 cl- with Craig's Christmas, lost

    Keep em' tight!

  4. Just an FYI-

    The webcam many of us use to check the water conditions at the pier heads in Grand Haven, will no longer be in service. Apparently the house that had the cam on it has been sold. Thank you the to previous owner for sharing with us for many years.

  5. These are one of the first styles they had, I think. I bought these in 2008, but haven't used them in a few years since buying trees. They are rail mount, 1 1/4- 1 1/2 inch, so they are for a big rail or post. I used them on my posts for my t-top. They mount vertically, and you can adjust the angle, so if you wanted you could make your own tree I guess. They are aluminum, gold in color. Very good shape.

    $75 102_1195_480x640_thumb.jpg

  6. Went out am and pm yesterday. Fished 70 to 150 NE -SW troll Set lines at 6 pulled at 11

    0 for 2 in the morning session- both hits on 150 copper with a mag blue dolphin. First fish was a steelie that broke the line during his aerial show. Never saw the second fish, hook pulled.

    Fish came between 80-90 fow.

    Evening session - Fished 70-105 NNW-S troll temp was 46.3 60 down. Set lines at 6:20 pulled lines at 9.

    4 for 7 1 king 3 steelhead

    Took fish on: wire dipsy #2.5 125 back pulling a mountain dew sd and hybrid yogurt fly, 150 copper with a mag blue dolphin, downrigger with uv gator down 60.

    Fish came 89 - 103 fow.

    Misses included a steelie that hit our double orange crush behind our 4 color that was out of the water 4-5 feet. :eek: That was awesome! Wish I had a video of that one.

    Good Luck out there

    Keep em' tight

  7. Cantilever boat lift for sale-

    Little Lift Boat Lift - 450# capacity

    Was used for small waverider(650) and a row boat w/ 9.9 motor at different times

    Aluminum construction with wood bunks

    Adjustable leveling legs for shallow water entry point

    Located In Ferrysburg, MI

    $300 obo

    PM me if you’re interested

    Forgot the camera :pardon:, but will post pics ASAP.

  8. I have other segments of copper on other reels. I have a 100, 150, 250 then my 300. I wouldn't try running a 300 copper and only putting part of it out. I think you'll damage the copper and risk a breakoff. I have heard of people putting a section of mono to create the smaller segments. Personally I like having them on separate rods. Now if I could only remember which rod has what length on it :D

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