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Talon anchor and 9.9 kicker too much weight?

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Hello. I was writing up a boat purchase with a Crestliner dealer at the Milwaukee Boat Show. It's a 2019 175 Pro Tiller with a 90 Mercury. I added a 9.9 kicker and a 10 ft Talon anchor in the write up, but one of their techs told me that having the Talon and the kicker on it would be too much weight. He said it's a 30 mph boat, but would be a 20 mph boat with all the extra weight and would make the boat sit too low in the stearn on the water. The other issue is that it has a boarding ladder which would have to be removed to make room for the Talon. Not thrilled with having a bunch of holes in the transom. Has anyone dealt with anything similar to this, or is anyone running a similar setup? Thanks in advance.

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