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7/9/18, Saginaw Bay, Au Gres, Fishing Report

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I often wonder how the folks at the National Weather Service can keep their jobs when they are wrong more than they are right. Trump should fire them for incompetence. They had predicted 12 knot winds today, but when we launched it was 15 knots and by the time we arrived at the fishing area, it had increased to 20+ knots with building waves. We toughed it out though, but it was pretty tough fishing in three to four foot waves even though we were trolling with the wind. The wind eventually died down some though and the bite picked up and my clients from Grayling, MI managed to catch their limits of walleyes. At first today the fish were tight to bottom, but when the wind subsided slightly, they moved up and we did better with suspended presentations. The walleyes were also moving around a lot. We would make a pass through a area and get lots of action, then we'd make another run through the spot and it was empty. Fire tiger harnesses worked best suspended, but red/silver/glow worked best on bottom. Speed varied a lot in the surging waves with a range of 1.2 to 1.6 mph producing. With a nicer forecast predicted tomorrow, it sure would be if the NWS was actually right for once. We'll see.  

Capt. Mike Veine 

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