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Port Huron Spring Fling

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Registration Form

207 Water Street • Port Huron, MI 48060

Thank You To Our Gold Sponsors!

Port Huron

Spring Fling

The goal of the tournament committee

is to bring back a larger scale salmon/

trout fishing tournament to the Port

Huron downtown area. In 2009, this

was done at a smaller scale and 25

boats participated. With a bit of work

the committee has decided to expand

the event thru sponsorships, and make

a larger event with a larger prize purse.

Entry: $200 - Cash ONLY

Early entry will be taken place at:

Anderson’s Pro Bait

2731 Pine Grove Ave.

Port Huron, MI 48060

Entry will also be taken at the Captains

meeting at the ThumbCoast Brewing

Company, formally Quay Street Brewery

7pm, May 9th. Entry will be closed at

the conclusion of the Captain’s Meeting:

Boats will need to call ahead for


Desmond Marine

207 Water Street

Port Huron, MI 48060

Phone: (810) 982-3990

First Place: $8000 Cash Guaranteed

Based on 40 boats*

2nd Place - $2,500

3rd Place - $1,000

4th Place - $500

Tournament committee reserves the

right to add more prize packages.

Captains must be present on

Sunday to be eligible for prizes.

*That is more than a


Participants Receive FREE Dockage at

Desmond Marine Friday and Saturday

nights; and $0.10 per gallon off fuel.

For more information please call,

Anderson’s Pro Bait at:

(810) 987-7722

Free Block Ice Courtesy of Arctic Glacier,

will be available at the Desmond Marine.

Port Huron Spring Fling

Fishing Tournament

May 10 & 11, 2014

Hosted by:

Stewart Beauvais &

Whipple, P.C.

Anderson’s Pro Bait

Great Lakes Marine

Mortimer Lumber

Waltzz Mechancial


Jeff Poosch Financial

ABC Supply Co

McDonalds, (KDE)

Fletcher Fealko

Shoudy & Francis P.C.

Thank You To Our Bronze Sponsors!

Northgate Ford

Ingell Refrigeration

Port Huron Glass

Kramer Realty

Printed by: ThorpePrinting.com

Thank You

Rules and Regulations

The following rules shall govern the

tournament. The tournament committee

shall be sole interpreters of the rules

and their decisions shall be final.


Any fishing team is eligible to enter the

tournament. Fishing teams must be

registered and entry received by ending

of Captain’s meeting; May 9, 2014.


7pm, May 9, 2014 at theThumbCoast

Brewing Company, formally Quay Street

Brewery. Captain must be present.

Topics will be Rules, Ice, Protests,

Rafting, Disabled Boats, etc.


Lower Lake Huron, all of St. Clair

River and its three Channels. Fishing

permitted by boat only.


Maritime law rules – captains are

responsible for their vessel and crew.

All Captains must sign the attached

Official Registration Form and Consent

which releases tournament organizers,

sponsors, and charity from any liability.

All boat owners must show boat proof of

insurance to Desmond Marine.


All vessels are subject to inspection by

the Committee and/or its agents at any

time. All vessels will be inspected in the

morning prior to departure each day.


9 Rods max in the water. 1 slider per

rod is permitted. All fish must be caught

by hook and line.

STARTING POINT: Will be announced

at the Captain’s Meeting.


All vessels must be within the mouth

of the Black River by 2pm. Once the

vessel enters the Black River, they must

proceed directly to the cooler drop-off

area at Desmond Marina. Dropped off

cooler shall contain a maximum of 10

fish. 10 salmon/trout total per day of

which only 1 Lake Trout is permitted.

Standings are determined by total

weight for the two days, May 10th &

11th. It is your responsibility to notify the

weigh master that you would like any of

your fish entered into the big fish prizes.


The tournament headquarters will be

located at the Desmond Marine fuel

dock, 207 Water Street on the south

bank of the Black River.

For more information please call,

Anderson’s Pro Bait at:

(810) 987-7722

Boat Name:______________________________________ Boat Captain:_ _______________________________

Boat Length:_ ____________________________________ Boat Width:__________________________________

Street Address:___________________________________ City, State & Zip:______________________________

Phone Number:___________________________________ Captain’s Signature*:_ _________________________

For Official Use Only!


Largest Salmon:_ ____________

Largest Trout:_ ______________

Number of Fish:______________

Total Weight DAY 1:__________________________


Largest Salmon:_ ____________

Largest Trout:_ ______________

Number of Fish:______________

Total Weight DAY 2:__________________________

TOTAL WEIGHT BOTH DAYS:_________________


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