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Went 3-10! it was crazy in about 80-115 fow right when we could see the sun we had rods going off left and right. we marked fish from 25 ft down all the way to bottom. I have never seen some many fish on the fish finder. they were stacked. we marked thousands of fish today. they bit right at day light and just before, then they slowed down.

Had 3 hit's/caught on Laker on a dipsy on 3 at 100 back tan/glow fish catcher with glow tan/white fly. Had lots of screamers on. they ripped a ton of line out then they shook the hook. bigger than the 17 pounder.

had a bunch of hits on glow spoons, I can't remember which ones but I know that blue glow with orange glow will work and a bloody nose glow spoon will work well. also green glow or white glow

Caught 1 big 17lbs king about 88 down on a down rigger with bloody nose

1 Laker on the dipsy

1 more 12 lbs king on the blue glow spoon and little bit of orange. 67 down

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