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  1. I have only fished Erie in the last 20 or so years so I have to say Steelhead, nothing like seeing a 10 lb'er come 5-6 ft out of the water !!!!!!!! But on the other hand.................rdfishin does make a good point, maybe if the sheephead would learn how to jump !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***I think I need some warm weather,startin to go crazy*** Al
  2. Hi Toanton I have had alot of success in Lake Erie, fishing for Rainbows and Walleyes with the dreamweaver SS's and Northport Nailers !! Also I like the Wolverine JR Streaks for Walleyes behind dipseys. Good luck, you seem to have alot of great information here!!! Al
  3. Awesome:cool: I think someone has a little too much time!!!
  4. I watched the Fishful thinking show yesterday and he was catching lakers in Lake Ontario using cowbells and worden wobble trolls.Check it out it, might work for ya!!! www.fishfulthinking.ca/detail.asp?ArtID=275 Al
  5. Awesome report, Sounds like a great morning!!! "Quadruple" I have enough problems with one at a time:lol:
  6. Sounds like a busy winter. What speed and temp probe are you thinking of adding? Thats the one thing that I am considering for next year as well.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Its always great to get alot of opinions.
  8. Well my best three are: -Silver fox 5" half hammered cracked blue ice -northport glow tiger roughy 300 series -silver streak chilly willys worked for bows and walleyes on Lake Erie all summer!!!
  9. Hey guys, We have been asked to carry more glow spoons in our on-line store. The brands being considered are Moonshine,Fishlander ultra glow, and Savant ultimate glow. Any feedback on these brands would be greatly appreciated, as there are so many choices that it is very difficult to decide which to carry. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  10. Those are all awesome pictures guys. spoonmaster
  11. Add me to the list too,got one sept 26. Thanks Mike!!
  12. Cambridge, Ontario. I fish Long Point Bay on Lake Erie.
  13. Thanks for the help Frank!! I just had to ask. Something else to spend money on now!!! Spoonmaster
  14. Great info guys, but could someone please tell me what an SWR is??? Thanks Spoonmaster
  15. Hi Everyone, We are here to intro ourselves. We are Alan and Deanna Marcy. We fish the Long Point Bay area for walleye and rainbows. We also own SpoonMaster a Canadian on-line fishing tackle store carrying brands like Wolverine, Magna Dyne, Fishlander and Dreamweaver. We believe we will be the only on-line source for the Canadian made Silver Fox spoons coming soon. So drop by at www.fishing-lures.ca and sign-up for our newsletter. Regards, Alan and Deanna
  16. Hey guys, I am also new here. Great forum you have with alot of great info.I fish lake Erie and catch 95% of my bows on spoons.I have never used flashers, but am always looking to try something new.Some great tips here but could someone tell me how fast you can run them, most of the time we run 2.6-3.2 mph is this to fast.And is there any rule about how far behind the cannonball to run them. Thanks for the help Spoonmaster www.fishing-lures.ca
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