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  1. Actually this is not exactly correct relative to right of way. I have discussed this issue with CG and have written response in which they have provided more insight into "right of way" on the water. No vessel has absolute right of way including sail boats. All vessels have a legal mandate to avoid collision regardless of scenario or type of power. Fishing vessels flying the correct fishing flag do have right of way due to the trolling gear in the water does not allow them to be able to navigate as easily as a vessel that is not engaged in fishing. The key point is you must fly the correct flag and it must be visible for a specific distance. This was obtained from the CG Regulation Unit. I will scan and post up shortly.
  2. SPF - New Riversider combo, never used, plastic wrap still on cork handle. Model RSB133CP IM7 Graphite 3 piece, 13' Medium Light Action 6-12lb line. Matching Riversider reel. $100 Located SW MI near Niles Can ship with $ for packaging and shipping. PM or call Five-seven-4 38-seven nine four 00
  3. In case anyone is interested: Matthews Ovations bow, 31" draw (can be lowered to 30" according to manual, sights, fall away rest, dozen Gold Tip 300 XT Hunter arrows; will be selling it very reasonable to get started into archery. This bow will shoot ~285 fps at 70# with these arrows. Quiet and accurate. Riversider centerpin 13' rod and reel combo - never used, vinyl wrap still on cork Tite-lok rod holders 2 - 8' spinning rod combos with Cardinal 6 reels Archery supplies, new in package Rage broadheads, new in package Fuse stabilizer, Muzzy broadheads (new) Salmon spoons of varying sizes Cardinal 4 reel with American Classic machined aluminum spool Martin M72 multiplier fly reel Salmon flies rigged, unrigged, peanut flies Hunting DVD's 2 - Gorilla tree stand body harnesses - new Lots of smalls etc for hunting and fishing
  4. For those who bought my salmon flies at South Haven last year, I plan on being at this swap meet as well and hope to see some of y'all there. Craig
  5. I switched out my nav lights to LED's few years back and my stern LED which is mounted in middle of my transom lights up the entire stern and can easily net fish just from that light alone. I upgraded my nav LED lights to the 2 mile rating which are brighter and nice to have when fishing the demolition derby at Ludington at night. Be aware of nav rules which will prohibit any red light being visible other than one that is designated on port bow. In cockpit is fine but if can be seen by another boat CG will have problem with it. I put these in my boat recessed under my gunnel such they are indirect lighting and are great for rigging or unhooking fish after dark. I turn off when not needed. Walmart LED truck bed lighting
  6. FYI - there are 151 Municipalities that have NPDES Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) that discharge into the Great Lakes so this will happen again and again until the CSO systems are engineered out which will likely take quite some time. EPA CSO Page Report to Congress: Combined Sewer Overflows into the Great Lakes Basin - EPA report to Congress - CSO Interesting read if you are not aware of this practice. There were 273 untreated CSO discharge events to a great Lake in Michigan in 2014. Think about that next time swimming, boating in these areas.
  7. That's why they call it vanish.....I use Seagar without any issue at all. Just make sure you wet the line real well when you tighten up any style of knot so it snugs properly. You can lose knot strength if the knot is not fully secured to the end. If the line is dry, it will not fully secure.
  8. I've been fishing inside 100' most of the year and done well. If you can find temp, bait, off color water or nice chop to break down the light penetration, you might find fish. It can be hit or miss. I've had some swings and misses but also have had some really good days. Today, went solo and went 5/6 but mostly steelheads, 3 stlhds, 1 small king and 1 really nice coho. On water at 6AM and fished to about 10:30 so not too bad for solo with 3 rods. 5 color caught all three stlhds with SS Glow Smurf which has been my hottest spoon all year..DW BB Spinny with BB double glow fly (my own) caught the coho and lost the one screamer that I had on today (&^$%^&). I also went week ago same area and never turned a rod so it can be frustrating as fishing can be. The real key is finding all the ingredients with really cold water at least 45 degrees on bottom. Sometimes you have to hunt for it but that is where the X4 pays for itself. If it blows out of NW tonight, I would bet the conditions are gone so back to the drawing boards.
  9. Just got back in from fishing solo, did pretty well again. Fishing 60-70'. 47 down 35' is pretty consistent with Cook buoy. Never went deeper than 75'.
  10. Late post - 3 in boat went approx 15/25. 7 coho's, 7 stlhds (released 5), 1 20# king (on scale). Moonshine Flounder Pounder early light, SS glow Smurf stays hot, SS Super Slim Firecracker, Warrior UV BD, DW Blue Bubble spinny BB Double Glow fly (my own style), Green fishcatcher spinner and green squid took big king. Everything took a hit, riggers, 3 color (stlhds), wire, 10 color, 8 color, 6 color. Temps consistent with Cook buoy with 46 degrees down 35'. Speed was 2.9-3.1 at the ball. The stlhds released were pretty nice size and were able to unhook back of boat in water so they took off nicely. Bait pods were everywhere. Couple hits lost were prob kings from initial hit. Ended up keeping 7 cohos, 2 stlhds that were bleeders so had to keep, 1 20# king. Fished from about 6:00 lines in water to 11:00 and still were taking hits at end. In one flurry, we had 6/8 rods back in boat from hits and or landing fish. Quite a few boats on pier heads for stlhds. St. Jo fish cleaning station back up running and think it is one of the nicest ones on lake. Even provide a sink with GoJo to was hands after cleaning fish.
  11. Zebco Cardinal 4 reel made in Sweden with an American Classic machine aluminum spool plus original small volume spool for lighter line. VGC used primarily as backup steelhead reel. Original owner. Drag is solid and always kept in off position. Located in SW MI near IN border. $85 plus shipping USPS Money Order Call or text (57-four) three-87-94-zero-zero
  12. Saw on another site but we need to get as many eyes out there as possible. Bass boat and truck with TN plates. "2005 black Chevrolet Suburban with a Tennessee license plate number 7K34M1 -- attached was a 2015 black Ranger Z520C -- 20' boat also registered out of Tennessee with a black and gray 2015 Ranger boat trailer with fishing gear. " Stolen Bass Boat Days Inn at Gratiot, MI
  13. Received probe this afternoon 2 days after contacting FH. Like I said, their customer service is top notch!
  14. The X4 will do probably 95% of need. Speed versus currents plus temps is biggest bang from the system. Maintaining good lure speed, adjusting speeds, changing speeds at the ball can play huge in triggering a strike.
  15. Actually the folks at FH strongly recommend loosening the cap or you will definitely run the risk of cracking the case from pressure buildup. Their recommendation is in writing in the manual. I plan on taking cap right off and store in my blue case that I got with it so not a big deal. I've had this X4 for about 5 years and this is first time BUT still cost me $$$ for not following manufacturer recommendations. They knew right away what happened so gotta believe the folks that design/build. Just passing this along so anyone can decide what to do.
  16. I heard it is due to problem with sewage plant (grinder is fixed?). Does anyone know if is going to reopen?
  17. My X4 probe got a crack in case and was probably due to my failure to loosen the cap after each use to release pressure to insure it doesn't cause a crack in either the probe case or the cap. I either forgot, missed the instruction, over looked, just plain brain cramp which caused a crack and now a new one on the way to me. So just as a heads up, strongly recommend you take the time to loosen the probe cap after each use. I highlighted the maintenance recommendation table in the manual for ease. Maint-Page-X4-X4D_Electronic_Manual FNL1.pdf I have had a FH in my boat for close to 30 years and they have never disappointed in customer service. 5 Star in every aspect for any problem I have ever had. Some self inflected as well but that is called fishing hard. They listened (which in itself is trait most companies fail miserably at) and explained what probably happened to the probe and did help me out on the cost to replace. Customer service is something companies have to work at to be good and they have succeeded in my book.
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