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  1. Thanks for the comments guys! They are as much fun to film as they are to catch.
  2. The following video is a brief view of some of the underwater action during our latest trip to Saskatchewan. We took 4 of these baits on our last trip - one was bitten off by a big pike and the other three are covered in teeth marks. Hope you enjoy! An4s5QNA2XY
  3. 'Beneath Bob's' is a short film of a couple of minutes of underwater footage from our recent trip to Bob's Lake in the Land O lakes region. Our cameras caught views of pike and large schools of crappie and bluegills. Hope you enjoy! 4tS8y7WuW3c
  4. This video shows some of the massive perch schools we followed on Lake Simcoe on May 7, 2015. All of the footage was taken in shallow water (6 to 10 feet) in the Sibbalds Point area and the schools had good mixes of jumbos and juveniles. Some good sized smallies were also seen in and around the perch schools. Hope you enjoy!
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