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  1. roldyn

    Got a new new knife sharpener

    Nice machine. I only use Spyderco Sharpmaker, and it works well.
  2. Ok, I have a Nissan Titan 4wd and I'm planning to tow my 23' boat. The weight of my boat and the trailer is around 6400 lbs. Nissan recommends a weight distribution hitch system if the total weight is over 5000lbs. My brother has a spare blue ox towing WDH that I can get. I just want to know if I really need a WD. I'm looking for some advice/tips. Thanks guys!
  3. roldyn

    Looking for custom cover

    Got mine from White Lake Canvas also. Good quality and fits great.
  4. roldyn

    Mid July fishing action

    Nice catching! Thanks for sharing your video.
  5. roldyn

    Shrimp for pier fishing.

    I prefer using a fresh dead shrimp that is somewhat big so that small biters won't mess with it.
  6. roldyn

    Meat Rigs?

    I like using the BigWeenie meat rig with a blue bubble spin doctor.
  7. roldyn

    painting spoon blanks?

    I would prime, paint and apply clearcoat to make it durable.
  8. roldyn

    41 Year Old Gel Coat

    Looks great. I like using Collinite fleetwax also. It really leaves a good finish and is very UV resistant.
  9. roldyn

    Salmon Jerky

    Looks delicious. I will definitely try it.
  10. just saying hi Another new guy here so thought I'd post a short intro. My name is Dwayne. I usually go fishing with my family or friends. Looking forward to chatting with you all.