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  1. sebewaing 6-16

    Thanks Luke, Myself and a buddy come outa Q-See, fished about 1mi. north of the tip of Callahan on north side of the bar in 11 to 14 fow. Alot of small fish only kept 8, pulled spoons best speed 2.0-2.3.
  2. 2 man limit shallow

    Thanks Luke.
  3. 24 fish limit 2nd place tourney

    Where did you guys launch from???
  4. My self and a bud of mind started in Saginaw river (looked like coco). Went out to the island caught fish on the shelf in about 10 fow by bouy 19. We ended up with around forty eaters (8-10.5). Tough to get the boat on and off the trailer at smith park.:mad: Cross-eyed
  5. 8/1 shallow again

    Hey Luke, What do mean by the fast side and the slow side of the boat? Thanks, Jerry (cross-eyed)
  6. The slot

    Good job Luke, were the fish up in water column ?
  7. thomas marina

    Luke, Thanks for the reports. I just may get my boat our of storage this coming week (weather is finally settling down). Oh by the way there is some jealous haters sniping you on "the other site". All of them seem concerned about the game laws they themselves never bend or break:confused:. Please keep your reports coming...Cross-eyed: