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  1. Hopefully can see you guys I'm in it again this year good luck
  2. Fished out of Holland today on the Coralee. Started the day hot an heavy in 100 FOW picking up a small king of about 6# on a low diver 90 back with a froggy spin doctor and green fly behind it -glow- then shorty after a couple hits (don't know exact number) on bloody nose glow on a 10 color and finally another stuck on a seven color with mixed veggie that was our biggest at about 16-17#. Then another 8# King on the bloody nose that finally stuck on the 10 color. Long time without bites so we went out found nothing. Moved to skinny water of 80' and picked up a nice 6# laker. Struggling for one more fish in the last few minutes we took a steel head on a 250 copper with blue dolphin. Finished second of about 45 other boats. Great day out there. A big thanks to Bob and Greg as well!
  3. Yea I enjoyed the company appreciate the info if u pm me I can give u my contact info and we can stay in touch
  4. Yea I'm interested i need I can Saturday I work Friday
  5. 1-6 yesterday set up shop in 100 FOW trolled south, only picking off a laker. Moonshine flounder pounder 0/4 on a DR 55' down lost 2 good kings at the back of the boat (bad netting by yours truly) and other 2 the hooks didn't stick. Green Michigan stinger meat rig took laker 75' down. White paddle white fly on 300 cu took a good rip hooks didn't stick all and all nice day on the lake. If anyone need a partner it help in the BRC let me know I'm willing to help out. -Tight lines
  6. solid we went 0-3 last night not our best proformamce
  7. Alright heading out all this weekend I need help from you guys. Where should I go out of and what should I run haven't been in the loop recently? Thanks guys! Tight lines!!
  8. man solid performance u are killing it I'll be out again all weekend and appreciate the helpful tips
  9. Took a long bumpy ride out to 200 set lines didn't have all lines in the water yet and the downrigger set 120 with pearl paddle and poofster fly went again and landed a missive king roughly 15#. reast of the trip was slow ended 3-7 only boated two small shaker kings. Yellow tuxedo on a 3 color once again took 2 hits, Flounder pounder on a downrigger went twice and the paddle fly combo brought home the money maker!
  10. heading out of ps tommorow thanks this helped a lot and I'm happy to hear a veteran was able to get a limit he earned it
  11. Went out on a short trip with a buddy and went 2-4. Set lines in 180 worked to 240. One King on a pearl paddle and poofster fly. One throw back on yellow tuxedo, it also took a hit earlier in the trip and the paddle and fly also took a hit when setting lines we were just to slow noticing it. All in all beautiful night on the lake!
  12. thank you and iI t was the 12th just been to busy to give the report finally able to
  13. Set lines in 190 worked out to 240 found a pockets straight in line with big red. Stacked rigger with double slick paddle with poofster fly started the night. Blue dolphin on 10 color took 2/4. Yellow tuxedo 1/1 on 3 color . Blue whale 2/2 on dipsie 170 back setting 2. UV watermelon on 5 color 2/2. All coho one 15" King. Was a great night in the water! Ended 7/10. -Tight Lines
  14. nice job guys haha solid imma be going for trout this weekend any recommendations on what to run spin n glo color wise or spoon wise
  15. Hey guys I'm new to the sight and big lake in general I'm out of holland and wanting to start this weekend with some lake trout fishing. I have all the tackle and gear just wondering how far to set my dipsie divers as well as color recommendation for spin n glos thanks guys
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