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  1. This is a well maintained boat guys. Floor plan is great to set up for fishing too. Helm is within reach of the action!
  2. They've been stocking Huron since 2011 and seeing some good returns, finally. Likely this one was from over there. If you send them the heads of the state plants, they can tell which port it was planted in. Last year I've seen claims of 7 + pounders. Lots of 2 pounders so far this year being reported, hopefully will be seeing some in the double digits this year. Boyne use to have a wild population until the lakes dropped.
  3. That's gonna be awesome if Atlantic's start populating Lake Michigan again. Get some natural reproduction in the Boyne or a few other nearby streams.
  4. Beauty! I like boats to look like boats. Couple more weeks worth of rigging to do and I'll finally get this old girl in the water this year. Going through everything but the engine, which is suppose to be younger.
  5. Wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of the boat.
  6. Name of this spoon

    Larry.... Sorry, couldn't resist.