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  1. Took my Uncle for some big lake action (first timer)

    Started setting lines 1 mile+- sw of the pear in 100 fow(6pm) Continued the sw troll out to 120 fow . lots of wind coming from the sw . got about 2 miles south and turned it to the north. around 111 fow the rigger with the S.S. Smurf set 70' down starts pealing line, uncle grabs it. as hes fighting it the dippsey/flasher/fly set at 250 feet back starts throbbing. (only him and I in the boat) I take that and we both fight fish. We get his netted (12 pound king) mine comes unbuttoned. reset both lines and soon the Dippsey starts throbbing again, he gets a nice 8 pound king. turn back sw into the wind and no action. Pull lines motor south and reset 3 miles south in 110 fow. nothing for a long time untill we get to 70 fow out in front of the pear heads. Same rigger takes off I grab it and the same dippsey cranks over (another double) while fighting the fish the other rigger go off with a Watter Mellon at 40 feet down, (now 3 on) I say good luck to him and look at the Full Core with the moon shine and it's doubled over (4 on) After a bunch of work all 4 fish where netted. All in the 11 to 14 pound range. The last 4 came just as the sun was hitting the Horizon

  2. Fished Sun, and Mon. am out of White Lake in 80-120 fow. we landed 5 on Sunday and 7 more Monday. Water temp was 46 deg. We got fish on all of the set ups with the Silver Streak Smurf being the best off the rigger. Dippsey/Flasher/Green Fly set at 100-125' back also did very well. Full core and 6 color core took fish. The fish where in the top 50 fow. We got a nice mix of 3 Steel Head, 2 Coho, and the rest Kings. Most all the Kings where over 10 pounds with 2 over 15 pounds.

    A few pics



  3. We had great luck last year at Deture last year on Flasher/Fly They seam to work the best off the dippsey. Like before noted Dippsey, snubber, 4' leader , Spinner 18-24" to fly. one thing I haven't seen noted is the importances of trolling with your lines going straight back behind your boat (when going in a straight line). Don"t let the current or wind push you side ways.

    A good all around color for your flashers (spinners) is white with green or green, both with a green fly.

  4. Fished Thursday Pm and Friday Am out in front of White Lake in 100 to 140 fow.

    Thursday we started at 8:30 pm and fished to dark, went 3 for 6, all Kngs in the 11 to 14 pound range. 3 where on a Moon Shine Night Crawler 41 feet down on the rigger, 2 where on a Dippsey/white FC./green fly set at 2 150' back, the other was on a full core w/Moon Shine lure.

    Got a late start Friday (8:45) ended with 1 for 4. All rips where on the Dippsey set up back 150'.

    A good trip for my Boy and me.

  5. We took the Boys out Friday Afternoon. Left the dock around 5:30 and headed to 215 fow. Stayed there for an hour with no hits or fish on the graph, Pulled the lines headed back to 150 reset lines. Dippsey with a White spinney/ blue fly back 250' took a nice rip with a big fish on for just a bit then off:( Trolled till dark to find a small king on that didn't release and one other (5 pounds)that hit a moonshine spoon as we where pulling lines. Lake was flat and the flys where plenty full.


  6. I took a friend and my boy down to the Det. River. We fished Sat. after noon and Sunday. Mainly fished the area in front of BASF down to the Power Plant. (in Wyandotte) We started slow until some gents hooked us up with A few Wyandotte Worms. We ended with 28 Walleye, all males . We stayed in the river Chanel, 27-31 fow.

  7. Took the boys out for our shake down trip Friday night and Saturday am. We started Friday at the Peer heads and headed South, Trolled to a bit North of in the Power Plant zigzaging from 25-50 fow. One Coho came on a Dippsey set up in 28 fow with a water melon spoon. Started Sat. am at the power plant and went South. Never did find a pattern or school of fish but, we did manage 2 more Coho and this nice Laker. (released) IMG_2953.jpg

    The laker was on the bottom in 45 fow. Coho where on a husky Jerk off the board w/ 2.5 core. we also picked up this Hitch Hiker who badly needed a break after flying across Lake Michigan.


  8. Nice job on the fish. This next Saturday my cousin an I are going to take our boys down to South Haven (we have a place to stay there). Can any one give us a general idea on a good setup and depth to run for some of these spring fish. We have an older Slick Craft and all the gear but, we normally fish the summer bite. The Coho and Browns would be fun for the boy to catch (they both are 12).

    Thanks, and I'll gladly post a reply on how we did.


  9. A good friend of mine takes me with him twice a year out of Muskegon. He has a flasher attached to his ball with a release hooked to the end of it. We never do good with this set up. I think (imo) your better off using the standard set up.

    The plan as of now is to make the shake down trip one week from today out of South Haven. Come on Good Weather.

  10. Great advise guys, I only have one Full core rig so I run it straight down the pike. One time last year it took a hit and didn't hook up so I grabbed the rod pumped it and let it back a few times, BAMM! Fish on (nice 15 pound King) I don't think that fish would of hit it again if not for the pumping action.

  11. Nice to meet ya caznik, My cousin an I like to take the Boy out to the big pond a few times a year. He has an old Slick Craft that works quite well. Fishing the West Michigan Fishing League sounds like a blast, We'll try to make one or two events. We mainly Salmon fish during the summer then move over to Muskegon for the Fall Walleye bite. Here's a pic of the boys at Port Sheldon two years back. I live only a few miles North of You, Caledonia/Alto.

    Thanks, Ken


    Heres a shot of My Son and I, His @ 6 pounds Mine @ 11+ pounds (went back)


  12. when ruining a Spinner/Fly combo behind the rigger, how far back should they be run? In the past when I tried it I only put them 6 to 10 feet back (like the dippsey set up). Also can this setup be run off Lead Core? I only get to fish 4-5 times a season so it's tough to experiment..

    Thanks much, Ken.

  13. Hi all, When I was down at the Sport Fishing show in Grand Rapids I talked to the guys from Best Chance about my troubles with not getting good hook sets. The trouble we had last year was when the fish got half way to the boat they got off. He thought most likely our trouble was our releases and, said we should go with the Blacks Release. Do any of you have an opinion on the Blacks release?

    Thanks, Ken.

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