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  1. Making plans for the upcoming season so I would love some input. What would you guys like to see and what changes would you want made? This is always going to a fun centered event with sponsors but there is no big money to win. I would like to keep entry to 25 dollars per boat but mostly I want people to fish share info and have fun. I am also thinking of only doing 3 or 4 this year most likely Memorial weekend 4th of July and Labor day possibly one in mid August.
  2. Aug 26th Silver Horde tourney sign up for the Silver Horde Open. There are lots of big fish out there and this will be our last event of the summer. 25 dollar entry lets get together and pound some fish and have fun.
  3. Sign up for the Big Papa Open which is this Sat Jun 17th entry fee will be 25 bucks 20 for the tourney and 5 towards big fish.
  4. May 6th tournament has been cancelled see you all on the 20th for the Silver Streak Open
  5. If you are planning on fishing the first event next Sat please contact us and let us know. Since we have no sponsor there is a chance we will just cancel. I don't have contact info as all of our past records were thrown away. As of this moment I only know of 3 boats in for next weekend if that remains the case we will cancel the tourney and hope things improve for the Silverstreak tourney. So point blank we need to know if you guys even want to do this.
  6. any cancellations or info will be posted here and on the mscst website the night before by 7:30pm also on the face book page https://www.facebook.com/MSCST-155723504479308/?ref=bookmarks rules and sign up sheets are on website http://www.mscst.com/
  7. May 6th The Blood Run Tackle Open May 20th The Silver Streak Open June 17th The Big Papa Sports Open July 1st The Fish Hawk Open July 29th The Big Weenie Contest Aug 26th The Silver Horde Open Sep 9th The MSA Open I have not heard from all sponsors so some names might change but dates are set
  8. 2017 discussion Well we are about to get setup for the 2017 season some things have changed. The biggest change is Don and Patty have stepped down and I will be running it this year with help from Jon Baker and others. I am perfectly happy to run under the same rules as we have but I am also open to ideas. I have a few that I may bring up for discussion as we go along. Some things I am open to is dropping the fish at weigh in down to make it more competitive. I have a lot of ideas but want input from everyone as to what you guys want and how to get more people to fish with us.
  9. Dates are set no rule changes from last year. May 7th The Blood Run Tackle Open May 28th The Silver Streak Open June 25th The Big Papa Sports Open July 16th The Fish Hawk Open July 30th The Big Weenie Contest Aug 20th The Silver Horde Open Sep 3rd The MSA Open The following day will be the Blow date for all events weather permitting. If not the following event will be fished as a 2 day if possible.
  10. I think the ring post is one of mine I use 1in split rings to extend the front arm length on several of my boards to increase the angle and change the front anchor point. Greg at BloodRun and I exchanged planer board ideas last spring and his mods are his mixture of what we came up with. In that we share several common ideas yet his and mine are still different maybe next spring we will do it again and see which setup works better. The real point for me is the eyeball test if your boards are running true in the water you need no mods. Many will tell you they have used this or that for years and there is no need for what we are doing the fact is however I have yet to find a board that runs correct out of the package. There is no one size fits all board which is why there are so many options out there. I have over 20 boards on my boat each has a purpose some are not friendly with others so I have to plan my spread or I can make a mess. Example I can run up to a 300 copper on any of my boards so if I am running a mostly Steelhead spread out deep I can put a 300 on anything but if I am running a deep spread then I need my higher lines to be in a different location which means a different board.
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