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  1. The number one issue with fish is to keep them cold. This is why ice fishing fish are so dam good,. The brown crap is the chemicals you don't want to eat. Although a small fish is not a problem. I grill or smoke fish skinless . The trick is to move the fish on the grill 5 minutes after you put them on so they won't stick. Flip them before they start to fall apart or don't flip. I have about 30 ways to cook fish. Bleeding fish is cool but if you rinse the fish the second you make the first cut the blood will not soak into the fish. If it sets on the cleaning table for 1 minute without rinse, the flesh sucks the blood back into the fish. I don't understand why buy you will notice it won't rinse off near as easy. Captain Mike Classactcharter.com
  2. If you want this problem and many others to be fixed it starts from the top. We need a new direction in the DNR and with Granholm you won't get it she because she's the one that changed the director. This is just one of hundreds of problems with the way things are going in the state.
  3. thanks guys I know that last year they were all to the south. any additional info helps thanks!
  4. I saw your post on here and just wondered how the fishing has been in Muskegon lately? I'm going to be there next week for 4-5 days. Are there nets where they were last year? It's funny how well that coyote spoon works and it's sort of a local thing. I never see many people running that farther north or south but muskegon and white hall all the time. let me know if you want to fish chat on here soem time.
  5. Hey guys! I'm pretty new to this site but I thought I'd post that this tounament will be on the 13-14 of July. Anyone fishing in this one? I'm [email protected] always up for fishing chat.
  6. can anyone give the location numbers of these nets, and also I would like the Manistee if any one has them thanks! -Mike Pajtas Moby Chromer
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