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  1. ReelnFish

    Johnson controls

    Gentlemen, I was able to purchase all the parts needed to rebuild my control unit from boats.net. They were the cheapest of any online vendor and had everything I needed. Control cables were ordered fro amazon. it is a straight forward process to rebuild this unit. Good luck with your project!!
  2. ReelnFish

    Johnson controls

    The biggest issue is the throttle/shift lever itself is cracked in a few places as well as the release to take it out of neutral. The price of these replacement parts alone have me close to some aftermarket control boxes (without said wiring adapter). There is also play in the throttle itself which upon initial inspection, does not appear to be cable related.
  3. ReelnFish

    Johnson controls

    I have a 1988, 90HP Johnson. Looking to replace controls and I am having trouble locating a unit that will fit up with out a 200-300 dollar adapter. Has anyone found a good aftermarket control for this unit with power tilt/trim and idle lever?
  4. ReelnFish

    GH - 8/20 AM

    Congrats on the fish and thanks for report!
  5. Nice job and great report!
  6. Nice job, and thanks for the detailed report!
  7. ReelnFish

    Port Sheldon

    Way to get the monkey off your back and thanks for the report.
  8. Nice! and thanks for the report
  9. ReelnFish


    Convector LS, 6.2:1. The 55 took 300' of 45# and 300 yds of 50# PP. The 45 took 150' of 45# and 300 yds of PP. No filler.
  10. ReelnFish

    Swap Meet

    I would be interested as a buyer. Your efforts in putting this together are appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  11. Hello, I could use some more info on how to sign up for this seminar series. Thanks, Dave