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  1. GH - 8/20 AM

    Congrats on the fish and thanks for report!
  2. Nice job and great report!
  3. Nice job, and thanks for the detailed report!
  4. Port Sheldon

    Way to get the monkey off your back and thanks for the report.
  5. Nice! and thanks for the report
  6. Copper

    Convector LS, 6.2:1. The 55 took 300' of 45# and 300 yds of 50# PP. The 45 took 150' of 45# and 300 yds of PP. No filler.
  7. Swap Meet

    I would be interested as a buyer. Your efforts in putting this together are appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  8. Hello, I could use some more info on how to sign up for this seminar series. Thanks, Dave