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  1. Thanks for the report. I will be heading up the weekend of the 28th. How deep were you and what did you catch them on? Thanks in advance
  2. Based on the buoy out of port Sheldon, the water temp down 70 at 88 ft is 70 degrees. Any idea where the cold water might be? And glow plugs, flies, and meat in the morning?
  3. Not sure about depth out of holland, but last night in port sheldon all they were hitting was flasher/flies. Good luck and hopefully the kid gets to fight a big one!
  4. After hearing how big the waves were from people that got blew off, we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately we were only able to fish for 2 hours due to the waves and a late start. Started in 70 ft of water and trolled west to 120 and curved back to find 100ft. Ended up 1-2 is all with both hits right around 100 fow. Heres what the two hits were on: 1. 11 inch white glow paddle with a big weenie white poofster fly on 7 color - decent coho 2. mountain dew spin doctor with a green squid on full core. Slow night with the rollers and the lack of fish, but at least we caught 1!!
  5. thanks for the report… Going out tonight, what was your SOG, and was there a best trolling direction?
  6. Me and my dad are heading out of Port Sheldon tonight. Due to work and life, I haven't made it out in a couple weeks. Just hoping to get a little direction as to what they are biting on and what depth of water seems to be best. Thanks in advance for any info given.
  7. Buddies went out this morning, and didn't do well in shallow. It sounded like guys out deeper 160+ were doing the best. Flies and Meat rigs seem to be as good as anything.
  8. Over the past week I have heard about guys doing better on meat than anything else. Currently, I do not run meat because I really don't know how and if it was really needed in my arsenal. However, after the past week I am beginning to wonder if I should give it a shot. But before I go all out, I have a few questions. 1. In your opinion, what is the best brand? And do I need to buy the flasher, fly, and meat head combo as seen on John King's website, rather than using my own flasher or spin doctor? 2. Where or what is the best place to buy Herron strips? 3. Can these be used in combination with spoons, flasher flies, and plugs? Because I heard these require a different speed. Thanks to anyone who will reply with knowledge of meat fishing. This site has been extremely helpful to novice fisherman like myself, thank you.
  9. Thank you all very much for your detailed and experienced insight. I plan on running four walleye boards with all different lengths of lead core. I am hoping with the knowledge that you all have shared with me, I can execute it without much difficulty. Again, thank you to all who responded. Best of luck on the water!
  10. So do you use the same boards on each side? For instance, running 2 walleye boards on the same side should be no problem, correct? Thanks for replying!
  11. Just wondering on different techniques for using two planer boards (or more) on one side. I know the shorter line needs to be out towards the side the furthest and the longer core or copper to the inside. However, what I don't know is how to avoid tangles when the outside one goes off. It obviously wants to run across the inside board. Just wondering if using two different types of boards will help or if there is other strategies I am unaware of. Thanks for any help.
  12. I use 20lb for all liters on lead core, flashers, and basically all set-ups besides free spoons. For free spoons I use 12lb stren mono, because I seem to get more hits when using the lighter line on riggers with just a spoon. But make sure your drag is loose enough for the fight!
  13. on the walleye boards there is a pin which i run my line through, then clip the mono to the pancake clip up top.
  14. New Addiction - what pound line do you use for liter? I have been running 12 for more of a stealth presentation to get more hits, but am wondering if that is too light, especially when the board decides to dive.
  15. New Addiction - when I got the package I read how to do the loop but thought it was not necessary, I guess ill have to try that next time out. Thank you all very much for your detailed and helpful tips and suggestions. Still learning the ropes but getting better every trip. Thanks!
  16. jdh - walleye boards and 20lbs backer on the lead core, then 12 lb liter from the core to the lure, plug, etc
  17. Even when you break the line you don't lose them? Usually when we clip ours to the mono, the line goes through the clip and wants to slide down.
  18. Since recent success with using planer boards, I was curious about a couple things. For one, whats the best way to clip the board so you don't lose it when you break the line (two in the past week or so). And also, how do you run two on one side of the boat? Is it just a matter of the amount of line you put out? On the same note, we are currently running two lead core on the planers, but would like to add two more planer boards to the mix, do you suggest investing in copper rather than more lead core so we would be running two lead core and two copper? Thanks for any help
  19. Left the dock at 6:00 p.m. and went to 130 FOW and started setting lines. Worked 130-150 FOW mainly getting our first around 6:45 on a dowrigger @55 feet with a magnum blue dolphin, which yeilded a 22 lb King! Then had three in a row (1 laker and two steelhead) on a 5 color with an ornage medium sized spoon. After swtiching to spoons on our riggers we had one laker and steelhead that hit a cotton candy magnum spoon @ 35 ft. We finished 5-9 with 6 of the 9 hits on the 5 color with the orange spoon. Sure enough just as the sun hit the lake we had a double (blue dolphin on rigger 55 down and the smae 5 color) and both of the fish broke the line. So there went the hot spoon a board and two nice fish. Overall, and awesome day on the lake.
  20. Just wondering what unit of speed (knots or MPH) everybody refers to on this site and radio on the lake. Thanks to anybody who will reply.
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