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  1. Did you guys encounter the Fog there in PS? Almost got T boned by 2 or 3 boats out past 90 FOW. Could not see past the bow of the boat. Then of course there was the nets we had to manuver around. just after 8PM we had seen enough and tucked tail. Number of guys trolling the channel but did not see anything go....
  2. Great Job Kevin I went out of GH on Sunday Morn before dark and landed 2 kings and 1 steelie. Lost one at the back of the boat and lost a monster who snapped my leader from the dipsey. All fish on plugs except the brake off which was on a orange spoon:( All fish were full of spawn. 8:30 AM and the bite just died. I was doing the same program as all the charters around us. East and west troll between 90 and 125 FOW. For $10 you would think GH would have a fish cleaning station at the launch. Guess we are supporitng the Fountian.
  3. Thanks Gald I did not get snaged in them. Hoping for a great lat summer run. Good Luck !
  4. Started in about 80FOW jus north of the channel right at dawn. Hit a 8lb King on a DR chrome J Plug 50 down before I could get the other rigger out. Steelie next on orange crush 40 down DR. Another steelie on DD 150 back orange and yellow spoon. 18 lb King on the same J Plug set up before the bite quit at around 9 AM. Had to steer clear of the nets a couple times (Are those Indian Nets?) 4 for 4 with 2 guys who never fished salmon before and 1 guy who had only been on a charter years ago. Not Bad I will take it!
  5. Going Solo I set lines about 6:30 in 80fow. Heard from the radio guys hitting them at 160. Keep heading west on the flat water with nothing going until.... 160 fow. Landed a jumpy 8lb stellie off a board 3 color LC silver and orange body bait. While tying to get the trebbles out of the net the DR went off. Set at 50' soon as the fish hit the surface it spat my chrome J Plug back at me. Ended up 1 for 2 which is better than 0 for 2 (last trip) Guy steaming in next to me in Piegon Lake got a 22lb King full LC spoon in about 130 fow. Nice night on the pond makes draggin but at work on Tuesday worth it!
  6. Thought I would give Grand Haven a go for the 1st time this season. Launched about 5:30 and found most of the fleet in between 70 and 120 feet. 1st action came right after dawn of a DR crome plug 50 down. Mate on the rod aparently watched too much wicked tuna over the winter and was heaving on that fish with all his might. Drag cranked at zero. Something was going to give, snap, goodbye fish with my plug... Next hit came on a silver body bait off a board 3 color LC, steelie came flying out of the water like it was shot out of a cannon. Then broke the line and my heart as was a nice looking fish. zero for two. Headed in for breakfast around 10. Nice to hook up at least.
  7. I was out of PS that night same night and hit my ankles a few times with Deep Woods off mesquito spray. Helped out a lot, not 100% but slowed them down. Could not get any fish to go, but glad to have the spray on the boat.
  8. Had lines down by 7 PM in about 90 FOW heading west. Fished everywhere from 90 to 170 throwing everything I had in the box at em. 0 for 0 without a bump. Flat water was nice, little biting flies were not. Pulled lines just before 10 PM ready to sell the boat and salmon tackle and buy golf clubs. Heard of fish being caught in Holland on the Radio andywhere from 85 to 170. Going to try a new port, maybe will change my luck. Glad to see the four footers coming Sunday. Will stay home a paint the house rather and go out there and bang my against these fish...
  9. This may not catch you any fish but, will capture that pesky groundhog or other large varmit. Like new condition. 50 bucks OBO.
  10. There is a Tackle store by the Port Sheldon Launch? Really? Wow I would have been happy to pass a few bucks there way. Must be South of the Launch I am guessing? Thanks,
  11. Thanks a million Austin ! I will be placing an Order soon with BLL !
  12. What a great day to be on the water. Fished from 6 till 1130 AM but could not get anything to go. Fished from 130 to 200 fow. Spent a lot of time in the 175 area as I was marking fish there. Most every radio report of fish being caught was telling, as I was in the same water running the same setup. Must be some bad voo doo On another note, think it might be time to upgrade my 15 year old spoon collection (passed down) Where is the best place to pick new spoons that are catching fish? (unlike mine) Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, I need to set up my new marine radio to scan. Can you tell me all the common channels used by fishermen on the Big Lake. Hoping not to be using Channel 16! Thanks.
  14. Thanks, looking for all and any help. Got my Boat last year and was skunked most times out on the Big Lake. Did OK at Erie for the walleyes, but had a hard time chasing the big boys over here on the west side.
  15. Got to the Launch at 6 AM only one there?!? Thought the Lake may have been closed. Fished way to deep 90 to 100 fow should have read posts a little closer! Nothing on the screen, but new radio and motors ran well so could have been worse. Nice morning on the water, WT 37 degrees @ 100 feet.
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