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  1. Got my call covered! Adding a couple little boys to the crew so hopefully the fishing will tire them out. True Blue is in.
  2. Is there any way we can build in some youth incentives? I know the kids in Kings tournament is all about them but I was wondering if we could somehow make it worthwhile to bring kids along. They are the future of the sport.
  3. Went 5 for 6 today. 135 FOW was our best with both East and West trolls. 2 Kings and 3 Steelhead. SOG was 2.6-2.8 early and faster as the morning went on. Here's what worked. Full core mag RV Wonderbread…King Rigger down 45 hit the slider NBK…steelhead Full core NBK…King Rigger down 65 also NBK slider…steelhead 7 color standard RV Wonderbread…steelhead
  4. Went 9-9 with 3 knock offs. 7 kings, 1 coho, 1 steelhead. Biggest fish came deep after 10:30. 80 ft down on rigger and 60 feet down on SWR rigger with three more knock offs on the SWR down 60. Started hitting fish on a west troll in 125 FOW. Our best was 135 FOW with SOG 2.8-3.2. Most fish came early in top 50 feet. Here's what worked. DW UV skinny jeans on 7color DW UV skinny jeans on full core DW UV Beef eater on full core. DW UV Beef eater down 40 on rigger Stinger NBK on 7 color RV Wonderbread standard on SWR down 80 RV Wonderbread on 200 copper True Blue
  5. Went 7 for 8 with 2 Lakers, 2 Steelhead, and 3 Coho. Fished from the pier head south to the power plant in 30-40 FOW. Outside boards picked up one on a gold hot n tot. #1 dipsy hit 35 feet back with yellow/orange rapala, rigger down 15 with a perch scatter rap brought in a laker, and our best rod hit 5 times with 2 colors on inside board 300 feet back with a small moonshine RV Wonderbread spoon. Tried others but that was what they wanted. Sure wished we had more of them in the tackle box.
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