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  1. Hey Ron, no rush. I'm headed north for the next 2 weeks. If you or a friend are heading this direction in the next month, just let me know and we'll make the connection.
  2. Sure. How about the park and ride on the north west corner at the Lowell exit? How's 6:30p tomorrow work for you?
  3. Ok. Will keep you in mind. I'm in Lowell, MI just east of Grand Rapids. Where are you located?
  4. I'm located in Lowell, MI just east of Grand Rapids.
  5. I'm located in Lowell, MI, just east of Grand Rapids.
  6. I've got a slightly used Big John mast with reels, line, 3 releases, and 2 Cannon planer boards for sale. Great for big Lake Erie walleye fishing or for Lake Michigan salmon and steelhead. Came with the boat and I don't fish the big lake. Get sea sick. Ugh! So, my loss is your gain. Asking only $125 for the whole works.