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  1. Thanks guys great info. I've been fishing way to cold. Talking about a surface temp breaks do you check out the temp charts on this site before going out to get an idea were to head out to, and do they read like a topo map, the closer the lines the more rapid the rate of change? Are you running your shallower lures out away from the boat on planers then your deeper ones in closer to the boat? Sorry about all the questions but this really helps.
  2. Just getting back into GL salmon/trout fishing. I've been targeting the water below the thermalcline and or in the 42 to 50 degree range because that is the tempurature I read in Keatings book where kings and lakers are most active. I pick up a few but not like the reports I've been reading, most of the reports I read seem to be having better luck above the thermalcline in the mid 50's and above. So I'm going to start targeting those temperatures instead. When and why should you target the lower temps?
  3. I know work always sucks the next day, but at least you get good daydreams, I vote for a five day fish week and a two day work week. Nice catch!
  4. Yes I use mono leaders but I use Dacron backing. You're right if you let out more backing you will get you lead core down deeper. Depending on your speed and bait you should be able to get around 5 to 7' deeper if you let out 30' of backing then hook up your boards, instead of hooking your boards up as soon as you get on to your backing.
  5. I use to mostly run 124 or 107 Walkers, I added 7oz Ultimate Slide diver lite bites this year, and so far I really like them. They dive deep, release like a dream, and most of all I really like the ability to set the bait as far back from the diver as I want. Haven't forked out money yet for any wire rigs, I run everything on 50lb PP.
  6. Congrats on the sweet new ride, she looks nice and fishy. Nothing better than getting the stink of fish on a new boat. Good luck and leave some out there for the rest of us to catch ok.
  7. In my opinion it makes no real difference how much backing you put out behind the board as long as your not hooking to the core itself so you don't get any kinks or break the lead. I don't use in lines though I use boom style with large planer boards. Mostly because I like the feel of fighting the fish free of any board. Also, I use Dacron backing, the water that is absorbed into the Dacron cover on the lead core will soak into the mono and weaken it over time.
  8. Calibrated the Subtroll tonight. It was about 0.5 to 0.6 mph below the more accurate GPS speed, went all different directions before adjusting. In the famous words of Marisa Tomei it's "balls on accurate" from 1 to 3.1 mph�� (pretty good analogy for a cannonball down speed probe hey), above there it's about .2 off. I think this will help me figure currents better. Thanks everyone for the help.
  9. On a setting of 2 with the 7oz weight it's supposed to go down at a 2:1 ratio. I was looking to see if there was anything out there that covered the other settings.
  10. Thanks everyone got it. Sherman I see how your calculation works, also. I reversed it with the straight calculation that comes up with 3.7' out for every 1' down, so (10/3.7=2.7) and come up with the same ratio, as your 10:2.7. I guess I was looking for the easy way out so I didn't have to do that for all the different settings. Thanks again!
  11. Does anyone know where I can find a dive chart for the Ultmate slide diver with the seven ounce weight set? I use 50lb PP. I've contacted the manufacturer but have not heard back yet.
  12. Fished 1800-2200, the fly bite was sure good tonight (black flies that is) 1/1 7lb King, on a Green Dolphin, Ultimate Slide diver on PP out 150', 120' of water, 2.7 SOG, NE troll. Started fishing in 80' went out to 160' SW troll nothing. Came back in to 120 got King. Poked around 100' to 120' nothing. First time taking my 5 year old grandson, (he did great), son in law, daughter and friend out. We had a great time, beautiful night to be on the water except for the flies.
  13. Thanks everyone for all the input, as usual you guys are great, I've learned so much from everyone on this site, I just have to get out more and put it into practice. I am going to use the Subtroll predominantly for repeatability as everyone has said. It was just the first time using it and I was expecting a little more change between the two systems when I went in different directions, showing the currents. It does kind of bug me though to have the Subtroll read different from the GPS. I may check it at the surface in a no current area and tweak it to read the same as the GPS if they are different.
  14. Wouldn't GPS speed be most accurate? Should I adjust my probe to read the same as my GPS when I'm in a shallow no current area? Were my baits moving at an effective 2.5 or 3.1 mph? Sorry about so many questions but this just raises more of them. just restarted Great Lakes fishing again after a 25 year hiatus.
  15. I just got a Subtroll this year and used it for the first time last weekend, and I have a question. I trolled all directions experimenting with it trying to see if I could figure out the current direction. Any direction I trolled it seemed my GPS registered 0.5 - 0.7 mph faster than the probe, I had to go 3.1 SOG to get 2.5 at the ball. I don't have a problem with that except it seems that against the current the speed at the ball should be faster and with the current it should be slower. I was fishing out of Holland and predominantly trolling SW & NE. According to the NOAA current charts I thought I would have a ball speed faster going south and slower going north. Am I doing something wrong, looking at it wrong, or do I just need to adjust the speed on the Subtroll to match the GPS were I know there is no current?
  16. Gorgeous sunrise between Holland and Saugatuck. Went 1 for 1, 0900, 9.5 lb king in 120' of water on a rigger 60' down, while in the turn from SW to NW, 2.6 speed at the ball, 3.2 SOG, water temp was 40 at 60' and 47 at 30', black and purple Silver Streak.
  17. No they should be fine. When you got this unit did you get the nylon coated down rigger cable with it? the Sub Troll and Depth Raider type system require a nylon coated down rigger cable since they use the cable as a antenna. If your using regular rigger cable or cable with allot of nicks and cuts in it it will do exactly what you are saving eat up batteries, and be intermittent. Here is there site address. http://www.moorelectronics.com/fishing/fishing.html Their phone # is 800-876-4971 you can give them a call and they'll hook you up. If all you got was the indicator, RCA cables, and probe. You will need the nylon coated rigger cable, rigger kit which includes the rubber tape (regular electric tape will not work), leader kit to connect the ball to the probe cable, and three stainless heavy duty snap swivels. if you look around there site I'm pretty sure you can find their installation manual to. Total cost should be under $50.00.
  18. Are you sure there are no leaks, exposed cable, and connections are liquid or rubber taped good? I know you probably already checked that but I'd hate to see you replace a probe for one of those problems. That's usually what does it for me.
  19. Fished Holland 0930-1300, had the first skunk of the year, started straight out from the mouth in 65' of water nothing showing so, I made the wrong decision to go back in shallow instead of out deeper. No luck in shallow either in retrospect should have went out. Oh well it was a beautiful day on the water. I guess it really wasn't a skunk since we did manage to snag one shiner near the mouth.
  20. Great job Mike, thanks for the report. Hopefully be I'll be able to get out there and get some of those Lakers and Coho later this week.
  21. Fished Holland from 0630 - 1100, went 1 for 1 on brown trout. Marked quite a few fish but only the one taker. Came on a smallgreen and orange spoon, on three color, south troll, at 0830, just south of the mouth, 2.6 mph, temp was 45 to 48 in the mud. Gorgeous morning out there, felt great to be out.
  22. 25 for 27 that's awsome!!! I think I'm going to follow you around the lake. I don't even know how you pull something like that off. Great report, and thanks for the pics, you have the best reports.
  23. Sounds like a great day, thanks for the report and pics.
  24. Sounds nice can't wait to get out again, thanks for the report
  25. Got out on the water at around 1330 for two hours before the waves and wind made it impossible to keep the lines straight. In retrospect probably shouldn't have gone at all but we wanted to get the boat wet. Went 2 for 2, one nice Steelhead in 35' of water on the mud line just south of the pier head @ 3.0 mph south troll. One shaker Coho on a north troll same area and speed. Marked fish all over in the mud and on the edges. Tried for some Browns along the shore into 10' but nothing. Water temp in the mud was 44 in the clear 41. My buddies son got to get his first Steelhead congrats Brady
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